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  • Download BioDigital Human

    BioDigital Human

    October, 16th 2015 - Free Basic

    A better way to understand health and the human body

  • Download Codecademy


    July, 10th 2016 - Free

    Codecademy is the easiest way to learn how to code

  • Download CogniFit


    April, 24th 2017 - Free Basic

    Neuropsychological assessments and cognitive stimulation programs!

  • Download Coursera


    July, 21st 2016 - Free

    Take the World`s Best Courses, Online and For Free!

  • Download Desmos


    May, 1st 2016 - Free

    A beautiful, free online graphing calculator

  • Download eBible


    July, 10th 2012 - Free Basic

    Read The Bible online and highlight passages

  • Download Google Arts & Culture

    Google Arts & Culture

    April, 3rd 2016 - Free

    Explore museum and artwork from around the world

  • Download Grammarly


    July, 10th 2016 - Commercial Trial

    Grammarly makes sure everything you type is easy to read!

  • Download Lumosity


    September, 30th 2016 - Free

    Improve your brain performance and live a better life

  • Download Memrise


    October, 16th 2012 - Free

    Memrise is the revolutionary new learning community

  • Download Quizlet


    February, 1st 2013 - Free

    Simple free learning tools for students and teachers

  • Download Stack Exchange

    Stack Exchange

    July, 10th 2012 - Free

    Libraries of high-quality questions and expert answers

  • Download

    July, 10th 2012 - Free

    Learn with this web-teacher how to type quickly

  • Download Udemy


    February, 9th 2016 - Free

    Top Online Courses from the World`s Experts

  • Download Upverter


    November, 27th 2015 - Free Basic

    Web-based tool for designing and sharing electronics projects

  • Download Wikipedia


    July, 10th 2012 - Open Source

    Use one of the most complete encyclopedias free

  • Download Wolfram Alpha

    Wolfram Alpha

    July, 10th 2016 - Free

    Making the world’s knowledge computable

  • Download Zygote Body

    Zygote Body

    July, 10th 2012 - Free

    Explore and discover parts of the human body online