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ZURB Notable - Helps you quickly design great web products

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ZURB Notable Review

ZURB Notable

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    ZURB Notable Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

ZURB Notable is built for Progressive Design, because getting from vision to product is hard work. It takes momentum and drive to learn from each iteration and get buy-in along the way. Most of all, it takes a team working together, pushing each other toward the win. Collaborate, Prototype, and Test your Designs!

Everything in one place
Present design work as static screens, clickable prototypes, design surveys or custom layouts. Even coded prototypes!

Organize your work
Showcase projects within a design process to give your work context while showing your team what's getting done.

Present on any device
Catch your team and customers on the go. Your work will look as sharp on a mobile device as it does on a retina display.

Contextual feedback
Give and get contextual design feedback directly on the work, so no detail gets lost in the shuffle.

Project teams
Invite team members to collaborate on projects or individual posts. You control who sees what.

Customer lists
Get input from your customers or target audience through design surveys and user tests.

Easily collaborate on code
Share your front-end code with collaborators and they’ll be able to view your live project on any device. They’ll also be notified when any updates have been made.

Give and solicit design feedback
Leave annotations on any part of your coded pages. It’s responsive, so your feedback can address issues at any screen size. No more guesses, assumptions or miscommunication.

is a privately held design company from Campbell, CA, United States that has released suite of application for web designers, and enabled them to create compelling web experiences and precisely  tested market research about all aspects of your web product – from initial design, distribution of task between designers and programmers, collecting feedback from community, productive way of sharing web code, market research, centralized boards for sharing ideas, compatibility tools for testing website experience on mobile devices, and much, much more.

With over 14 years of experience in website design and providing help to countless internet startups (including Walmart, Yahoo!, eBay, Cisaco, Orange, McAfe, VMware and others), ZURB and its comprehensive suite of applications and services represent one of the best way to get your internet startup on the feet.

ZURB Free Web Apps:

Lets people quickly set up tasks and then knock 'em down altogether.

Get your design ideas online and start reeling in the feedback.

Paste code snippets, add notes. Send to nerds.

A fun and easy way to test what people remember on your website.

An iPad app that helps you trap bad web designs, cut out the fat and share the meaty results.

A fun and easy way to share ideas on a website.

A fun and easy way to critique your web pages.

An easy way to test clicks on a mobile phone.

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