Increase your productivity with this online web application

Zoho - Increase your productivity with this online web application

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Zoho Review


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    Zoho Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

If you own a business and you want to increase productivity, get more sales, higher profits and better support your customers, then is a perfect service to you.

While you are focused on running your business, comprehensive suite of business, productivity and collaboration applications from Zoho will be there to increase your productivity with all the power of the cloud processing can give you. Without the need for relaying on old and outdated hardware and software, your business will without a doubt become reborn and ready to reach new heights. Ecxellent online office suite!

Zoho Review
Grow your business with this productivity suite!

If you are trying to get your business of the ground, having a good productivity suite can be a great way to organize all your employees into a single environment where they can work in collaboration. However, almost every modern business management solutions have at least one disadvantage that will dissuade you from using it. They are either very expensive, making your budget very constrained and forcing you to make cuts in other spending areas, or their individual programs are not closely connected between each other, with no support for cloud sharing and instant access to all of their features by every user. Solution to this problem can only be found in the cloud services, which offer you tiered approach to pricing – from free if you are individual user or small team, to multiple layers of subscription that can be tailored exactly to your needs.

Zoho is one of those services, who has over the last few years evolved into professional offering that is currently used by more than 8 million users. If you are in need of a one unified Business Management solution that can give you access to the dashboard filled with 22 very useful apps, you really need to take a closer look to Zoho. Ecxellent online office suite!

Zoho Overview
As many of its competitors (such as WORKetc ), Zoho aims to give its user access to the cloud applications that can solve all of your business worries. Because all the apps are rendered and processed in the cloud, where you files will also be stored, users can use Zoho without worrying what operating system or how powerful PC client they have. They just need access to a modern browser, and they can immediately start working on word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, wiki creation, note-taking, project management, invoicing, customer relationship management and many other applications that cover all aspect of modern business, including various online services such as Chat, surveys, collaboration and more.

Entire Zoho suite of software solutions is based on a special application programming interface, which can be integrated in already present office suites, including plugins for document sharing between Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice, Firefox browser and even deep integration into Google Apps ecosystem (users can login into both ecosystem using unified credentials). Ecxellent online office suite!

Aftger signing up (either with Zoho or Google credentials), Zoho will ask you do you want to use its servces as individual user or as a part of a business. From there you are welcomed with a dashboard that gives you access to all the applications that Zoho offers. Those applications are separated in three groups – Collaboration apps (Chat, Mail, Discussions, Meeting, Projects, Wiki, …),  Business Applications (Reports, Sites, CRM, Invoice, Survey, … ) and Productivity Applications (Calendar, Notebook, Sheet, Writer…). Dashboard and individual apps share common visual language, with easy to use tools and navigation buttons.

Registration and cost
In its current pricing structure, Zoho CRM is free for 3 or less users, Zoho Projects for only 1 user, Zoho Invoice for 5 free invoices, and Zoho Creator for only one user. If you want to have more users or more invoices, pricing structure enables several tiers of payments, with separate values for professional and enterprise editions. Ecxellent online office suite!

Everything that is needed to run a business is present in Zoho, which is a feature that rare few online Business Management services can be proud off. We fully recommend Zoho, even if you are single user that just needs access to every tool that he can get hands on.

Zoho Features Apps:

Business Apps
Assist, Books, BugTracker, Challenge, Creator, CRM, Invoice, Marketplace, People, Recruit, Reports, Site24X7, Sites and Support.

Collaboration Apps
Chat, Commentbox, Docs, Discussions, Mail, Meeting, Projects, Share and Wiki.

Productivity Apps
Calendar, Notebook, Planner, Sheet, Show and Writer.
Ecxellent online office suite

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