Create your own TV shows and broadcast them live - Create your own TV shows and broadcast them live

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  • Details: Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives is one of the most popular interactive video broadcasting services on the internet. Powered by powerful cloud architecture and visited by millions of people every day, can offer you the easiest way to broadcast live video over the internet.

Used by both professionals and novices, can provide you stable environment, excellent community options, and tight integration into varuious social networks. No matter how large your audience is, or how inexperienced are you, with few clicks, stable internet connection and a webcam, you too can broadcaster whose live video can be viewed by millions. has so far hosted videos from all spheres of entertainment, from personal blogs, conferences, concerts, political events, talk shows, movie premieres, sporting events and many, many more. Create your own TV shows and broadcast them live!

Ustream Review
One of the most popular live internet broadcast services!

Ustream is a popular video streaming service that enables dozens of millions of people to share their livestreams one with another, all through one simple to use interface that was built from the ground up for simple sharing, communication and responsive design. This platform for publishing live video content and recordings of that live content very quickly become one of  the premiere streaming services that quickly became copied all across the world with the appearance of, Livestream, Bambuser, Operator11 (currently known as Bambuser), Veetle and many others.  In recent time, only managed to surpass Ustream, by focusing itself not on general livestreamaudiences, but on videogamers who wanted to showcase their gaming proves to the entire world.

History of Ustream started in early 2007 when its founders decided to build a video streaming service that will bring closer together American soldieries who served overseas with their families in the United States. After initial beta period in which Ustream was received very warmly, general population embraced this service with both hands, using it to promote not only their daily lives, but also for technology, science, political and environmental live streams that remain active even today (most famously official NASA television channel that has broadcasted its many successes, including landing of the rover Curiosity on Mars).  As of late 2013, Ustream represents one of the two live streaming services that are directly supported by the newly-released video gaming home console Playstation 4.

Ustream Overview
Ustream is free service that allows anyone who owns a webcam to start their own livestream that can be watched by entire world. Simply sign up for this service, check the compatibility of your webcam and audio equipment, and start recording your live sessions which can be easily promoted using integrated promotional tools. If you decide that you have enough audience, you can turn on monetization features, which can bring you money either via integrated ads or with pay-per-view programming. Broadcast your own TV channel!

Entire process of video management is automatized, with channel owners having access to comprehensive analytics tools, real-time data about users who are currently watching your content, breakdowns of what devices are used (PCs, smartphones, tablets, TVs, media players, direct viewers or viewers who stumbled upon your embedded player on external webpages, and more…) .

Interface of Ustream is professional and streamlined so that users of all knowledge levels can quickly create new account, manage their broadcast and use all services that are offered to them. Professional users who have higher ambitions can opt-in to become Pro Broadcasters and access suite of tools that allows them much higher degree of oversight over their audience.

Registration and cost
Ustream is free for personal users. New account can be created in seconds, either by providing valid email address and a desired password, or by using your Facebook credentials.  Pro users can try all the advanced tools and features in a 30 day trial period, but after that they need to pay between $99 and $999 per month (ad-free broadcasting, 100-5000 viewer hours, better embedding options, unlimited video storage, FB and Twitter integration…). If even that is not enough, Ustream offers special Enterprise tier for customers that want truly to control all aspects of their broadcasting. Create your own TV shows and broadcast them live!

No matter is you are just an ordinary user who wants to express yourself on the internet, casual viewer of interesting live content or a serious broadcaster, Ustream has many things to offer you.

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