Timetoast`s free timeline maker lets you create timelines online

Timetoast - Timetoast`s free timeline maker lets you create timelines online

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Timetoast Review


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    Timetoast Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Timetoast timelines are a beautiful way to share the past, or even the future. Put it in perspective, a timeline provides the setting within which to fully understand the story. Make a history timeline or document someone's life. It's up to you. Join thousands of people already making timelines on Timetoast.

Timetoast Review
Your first stop for creating interactive and engaging timelines!

Aggegating your content about historic events, lives of famous people, school projects, family genealogy or work assignments can be problematic if you don’t have good tools for it. This is especially noticeable when you are tasked to create timeline of events, and even more so if that timeline needs to be fully interactive, versatile, awesome looking and able to manage both text and multimedia content. Only few short years ago that kind of task would demand you to hire professional who can manually craft such timeline chart from scratch using expensive graphics design and programming software, but now, everyone can do the same by using popular webapps for timeline creation.

One of the more popular timeline creators is Timetoast, which has manage since its launch in 2008 to attract substantial userbase and trough smart upgrades and redesigns grow into service that enables both novices and professionals to very quickly create attractive timelines that can be viewed both on Timetoast’s website, or to be embedded on your personal websites and blogs.

Timetoast Overview
You don’t have to stay long on Timetoast’s website to quickly realize that this service offers wide array of basic timeline management features that can also be found in wide array of similar sites. However, by focusing on ease of use, very attractive looking timeline styles, ability to really easy collect and manage data, Timetoast managed to distinguish itself and prove its usefulness.

You can work on your timeline for as much as you like, but that timeline will only be available for public consumption when you click on the Publish button.  This can be turned on and off from your “My Timelines” screen. After doing that, timeline page will allow you to copy embedding code that can be placed on your website or blog. If you want to print your timeline, you can enable “text mode” and use that form of data to easily print it.

What are limitations of Timetoast? Well, for start you cannot create timelines that go to the B.C. era, and you cannot create events that last for only one year. You can also encounter problems with your OS if you have regular problems with Flash. Timetoast uses Flash Player 9.0 or above to showcase its timelines. Maybe most importantly, you cannot embed videos into your timeline entries.

Interface of Timetoast has very nice blue and white theme, with navigation tools and content editor that allows everyone to easily convert their data into timeline form. Site enables everyone to view finished timelines, set in the following categories – Music, Film, Science and Technology, Business, Politics, Biography, Art and Culture, Personal and History. Each timeline can be tagged for easier search and storage management, and each timeline hosts integrated commenting system that can be used only by users who have Timetoast account.

Registration and cost
Timetoast features free tier of use where one user can create and publish timelines that are featuring banner ads on site pages. For $5.99/month up to 5 people can work on a timeline creation, you can join or create groups, moderate timeline and have zero banner ads. Pro account with $8.99/month enables collaboration with up to 35 people.

Timeline is a basic service that offers timeline creation, editing and publishing, but what it does it manages to do well. If you are in need of a very simple editor that can get the job done in a minute, you can’t go wrong by using Timetoast.

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