Current time all over the world. Countdowns, Alarms clock, Stop Watch...

Time and Date - Current time all over the world. Countdowns, Alarms clock, Stop Watch...

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Time and Date Review

Time and Date

By Time and Date Team - Free
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    Time and Date Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Through, the company is committed to giving people time and date related information to suit their needs. Review
Track time zone and date data with ease!

Having access to high quality tools that can help you determine your exact time, convert time in other time zones, and get precise info about your calendar and weather can help anyone from novices to professionals to have better productivity. There are many websites that cover this kind of service, but is without a doubt one of the most famous ones.

Created in 1997 by the Norwegian web developer Steffen Thorsen, managed to attract large user base that is interested in everything time and date related. With positive reviews and feedback constantly being given by many media outlets, this website continues to grow with each passing year, adding new features and site section that enable anyone access to countless World Clock, Calendar, Meeting Planner, Weather, and Time Zone News features.

Time and Date Overview is a website that has grown into fully featured service that today offers much more than simple time and day tracking. Today, anyone who visits this website can access not only simple time and day management tools, but also wide array of other tools, starting with calendar, calculators and more. Tools that are accessible to anyone for absolutely free are widgets for Weather information (current weather, 2 week forecast, hour by hour, all with great visuals), Sun & Moon (timings for sunrise and sunset, Moon phases, moonrise, moonset, Solar and Lunar eclipse timings), Calculators (date-to date, countdown to any date, stopwatch, timer, alarm). Three basic tools that are most prominently showcased on the main page are Current Time (with user customizable location selector), Time Zones (Map, Announcer, Converter, Meeting Planner, Time Zone Abbreviations, Calling Codes and even Distance Calculator), and Calendar (user modifiable, printable, with integrated support for showcasing holydays and events). Lastly, main page also has a widget for latest news updates, ranging from popular events, holydays, time zone news and newsletter. All features listed here have many other functions, which will help you take full control over your time, date and weather needs.

As you can see, is an online location that can offer a lot, and ask for nothing in return. Everything is free, and user account management is present only to enable users to have better control over their content (saving of settings, customization options…). If you don’t want to save your

Time and Date interface is very simple, intuitive and easy to use. Main page features white design, that hosts minimally colored main bar that hosts main categories of the site (Home, World Clock, Time Zones, Calendar, Weather, Sun & Moon, Timers, Calculators, Apps &* API and Free Fun). Below main navigation bar, 8 content widgets are placed, enabling instant access to all the most popular tools this site offers. Everything on the site is well organized, readable and minimally affected by in-site advertisements.  Majority of features that are present on the site are ported into many standalone apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Registration and cost
All services of are available for free. Free registration is needed only for users that want to customize their profile and save data about their calendars and meeting schedule.

If you want to have full control over Time, Date, Weather and Calendar and time zone conversions, we recommend you to visit and see all that it has to offer. features a myriad of free, reliable services like:

  • World Clock - Current time all over the world
  • Time Zone Map - interactive, searchable with DST updates
  • Calendar - standard or customized, including holidays worldwide
  • Meeting Planner - finds the best time across time zones
  • Countdowns, Alarms clock, Stop Watch, Calling Codes, and more
  • Time and distance Calculators
  • iPhone, iPad & Android Apps

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