Create your live podcast with Spreaker. It`s fun, simple and free

Spreaker - Create your live podcast with Spreaker. It`s fun, simple and free

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Spreaker Review


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    Spreaker Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Spreaker is an innovative cloud audio service that gives you the power to create, broadcast and share live podcasts on the internet in few easy clicks. With its professional suite of tools, you will instantly get the power of mixing console, large library of music & sound effects, and a reliable server infrastructure which can host your program no matter now big our audience is.

To enable broader reach, Spreaker widget that contains all that is necessary for listening of your audio program can be embedded across entire internet, from websites, forum boards, social network sites to blogs. Create your live podcast today!


Spreaker Review
Discover best music from all around the world!

If you want to become a radio personality, start your own show, learn how to organize your marketing and make your community happy, one of the easiest ways to do so is to create your own Internet-based radio station. By starting small, with just one or few regular shows that will test your limits, you can not only learn much about broadcasting business, but also get an easy start on establishing a community that will follow your no matter what is your next step. One of the best online destinationsfor broadcasting radio shows, with all the tools, features and management options being presented to you directly from your PC browser screen or from your mobile device. This enables complete novices, radio enthusiasts, and seasoned professionals and large companies to effortlessly get perfect control over their content creation, distribution, promotion and analytics, with one click way of broadcasting your entire content to massive 30 million+ audience of iHeartRadio.

With Spreaker entire radio dashboard will be given to you, from easy recording tools, to DJ mixing soundboard, to promotion and community management. NO matter where you are, at your home or on the go, Spreaker enables you to stay in touch with your community and create great radio content with professional tools. Create your live podcast today!

Spreaker Overview
Spreaker is a radio-streaming oriented show, but not professional terrestrial or internet streaming radio that you can organize into your own feeds and follow whenever you got time, but a radio service that is centered on you - you as a radio content creator! This innovative social network community allows yu to create your content, schedules, notify your followers about your programming and easily create content that will be broadcasted to anyone who is willing to listen. Service features all the tools that are needed not only for managing your account and content, but also good tools for visitors who are only interested in following various radio broadcasts, with good search tool, category picker, artist listings, community chat options, and more.

Originally founded in 2009 with a goal to bring social networking closer to the radio broadcasting, Spreaker managed to attract large amount of new talent, broadcasters, musicians and producers that can promote their content not only inside Spreaker community, but also spread their reach across entire user base of one of the most famous internet radio network and recommendation services -  iHeartRadio.

Spreaker features both free and paid tiers of access to its service, with features that enable everyone from novices, individual professionals, to very large radio station teams to make this service home of their internet radio broadcasts.

The main web-interface dashboard of Spreaker gives you very clear breakdown of all the most important control board tools that you need to produce professional radio show without anyone’s help. Radio mixing board consists from several easy to use modules that are very accessible and intuitive. The top of the dashboard consists of recording tools and stats – buttons for starting livestream or pre-recorded show, stats about your current show, commercial break countdown timer and large notification that informs you if your show is active.  Second large block of dashboard is taken by the three control modules for your audio – Microphone (with volume and mute), Deck 1 and Deck2 (for easy mixing of music, with support for mute, volume, stop, pause, and microphone monitoring). The last remaining section consists from two playlists -one for your music that you can drag and drop on decks, and other for Sound FX that you can use during your talk segments. The same interface, only smaller and more streamlined is also present on supported mobile phones, enabling you to create radio shows no matter where you are.

Registration and cost
Spreaker supports free tier of use, but htat comes with several serious limitations. You can create as much shows as you like with unlimited number of listeners, but your shows must be under 30 minutes long and Spreaker online storage will remember only 10 hours of it. For $39/year that limit is increased to 45min shows and 100 hour storage. $19/month gives you 3h  shows and 500h storage, $49.99 5h shows and 1.500h of storage, and $119.99/month tier that is intended for real radio stations gives you unlimited live broadcast duration.

Spreaker is one of the best radio creation web applications that is today used by incredibly diverse community of novices, radio professionals, enthusiast’s, producers, musicians and many other talented people who have found with Spreaker a perfect outlet for their creativity. If radio is your dream, that dream will start with Spreaker. Create your live podcast today!

Spreaker Features:

Try the console
Spreaker provides you with a user-friendly console to manage voice, special effects, and your music library.

Go live or pre-record
You could be on air right now! Go live or pre-record episodes and broadcast them later.

Get connected
Invite your friends to follow your show, share your episodes on facebook, and tag and categorize your episodes for easy navigation.

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