Spotify is a new way to listen to music

Spotify - Spotify is a new way to listen to music

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Spotify Review


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    Spotify Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Spotify is one of the most promising new cloud music services which can offer you access to over 15 million songs and community of people who all enjoy carrying their entertainment whenever they are, or whatever device they are using. Intuitive and fast interface of Spottify enables you to search for music and instantly start listening to found songs. No waiting, no hassle, everything is streamed to you instantly. New way to listen to music!

Spotify can offer you ability to completely host your entire music collection, no matter how much songs you want to have available for streaming. Your library of songs is very flexible, playlists and favorite songs are easy to manage, and sharing options are even easier. Just drag and drop songs and they will start playing instantly, no big downloads, no filling up your hard drive with countless of gigabytes of audio data.

Everything you can use on PC, you can also use on your favorite modern mobile device. Stay in touch with your music, discover countless new songs, and enjoy Spotify wherever you are.

Spotify Review
Digital music service with incredibly large catalogue of songs

If you want to listen music without restrictions, no matter where you are or what you are doing, one of the best choices you can have is to sign up to Spotify, legendary commercial music streaming service that has since 2006 managed to evolve into one of the true giants of music industry. By offering one of the largest music catalogues on the Earth, getting support from all the biggest record labels, and providing excellent tools to each of their customers, Spotify is a sure choice for you and your internet equipped device.

Spotify features 6 month free trial period in which you can test all of its features, access its catalogue how much you want and receive very limited radio-like commercials. After that lengthy trial your music listening capabilities are reduced, which is least noticeable on Android and iOS platform where you can continue lengthymusic sessions by sticking only to the shuffle options. As many other similar services, Spotify offers several tiers of premium subscriptions that can be purchased only from supported countries either via credit card or via PayPal.

Spotify Overview
Spotify is one of the most popular and widely used commercial music streaming service that enables users from 55 countries of the world to access to their catalogue of over 20 million songs, which easily rivals any other service in use that is in use today. Key of its success can  be found not only in its great interface, search options, recommendation engine and large catalogue, but also because Spotify was created from the ground up to be accessible from really incredible amount of platforms who all received same level of attention – Web interface, Windows (including dedicated touch-friendly app for Windows 8 store), Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, WebOS, Blackberry and wide array of standalone devices such as Smart TVs, Roku, TiVo, SqueezeBox, Sonos, WD TV and many others.

Spotify features free listening of music and radio stations without commercials or interruptions, ability to download music and listen it offline, full playlist control, integration with, specific HTML5 applications that are often built by famous bands or brands (offering custom content such as lyrics, chat, reviews and access to concerts) and social media integration. With more than 20 millions of users and support from all top record labels such as EMI, Warner Music Group, Sony and Universal, Spotify continues their rise to the place of undisputed music delivery services. New way to listen to music!

Spotify has one central interface that is ported to all supported devices, with numerous design adaptions that are applied to devices of varying display sizes.User experience and UI can only be described as awesome, with great tools for managing your music library, finding new content, listening to radio stations, and moving from one supported device to another, always remaining close to your music.

Registration and cost
Free version of Spotify enables you to listen unlimited amount of music for 6 months. After that you can listen only 10 hours per month in 2.5 hour weekly pieces. Some platforms such as iOS and Android allow you unlimited music consumption if you stick to shuffle mode. “Unlimited” subscription tier removes all restrictions for listening music, and “Premium” tier give you access to 320bit OGG music files and offline caching.

If you choose Spotify to be your main music consumption service, you will not choose wrong. It offers industry-leading music streaming service that is easily accessible and fairly priced.

Spotify Key Features:

With Spotify, creating playlists is as easy as drag and drop. Each new playlist is saved to your account, and will be accessible from wherever you use Spotify.

Sharing music
Sharing music is one of life’s great pleasures. That’s why it was important to make it so simple for you to share tracks and playlists with your friends. Everything is one click away!

Searching for music
When you’ve got millions and millions of tracks to choose from, where do you start? With a search.

Top lists
You may have noticed popularity meters after each track on Spotify. It’s nothing personal, they just measure recent plays. Create your own top lists. New way to listen to music!

Buying music
If you’d like to buy individual tracks or albums you hear on Spotify, you can quickly download them as MP3s.

Your Spotify library
Now that you’ve got so much music at your disposal, you’ll need a seriously good library, and that is precicely what you will get with the Spotify. A library that’s as clever as it is simple to use,

Connect with Facebook and many more
Import your Facebook friends straight into Spotify, and you’ll be able to see what they’re listening to with your own live stream. Share music with a single click.

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