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Shopify Review


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    Shopify Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

If you ever wanted to set up and run your own e-commerce store, Shopify is a perfect solution for you. With it you can use any of the offered website templates, accept credit card orders, manage information about shipping goods, list your products, and all of that is possible with few clicks of mouse inside your browser window. No additional software is required! Shopify will make your e-commerce business easy and accessible. Create your ecommerce store today!

Shopify Review
Create your own online store in minutes!

Creating an online store was not an easy process for a long time. Even in the mid-200s, available e-commerce services were rigid, expensive and resistive to the any changes individual user wanted to implement. This all changed however in 2004 when three web developers decided that individuals and businesses from all around the world deserve tools that will enable them to easily implement web store interface into any website and access wide array of features that will just work and not cause problems.

This dream was achieved in 2004 after developer Tobias Lütke used obscure but very versatile and powerful programming language Ruby on Rails to create first version of Shopify. By 2006 he and his partners opened Shopify platform with others, which very quickly gathered attention from worldwide audience. Today in early 2014, Shopify is used all around the web in more than 80 successful stores that have managed to sell goods and services worth more than $2 billion.

Shopify Overview
Shopify is a very popular e-commerce platform that allows both individuals and businesses to create online stores. Unveiled in 2006 with a goal of being easy-to-use and cross-platform service for creating any type of web store, this service quickly became one of the driving forces that enabled incredible expansion of web stores over the web. It is estimated that today over 80 thousand online retailers are using Shopify platform, which includes online destinations and brands like General Electric, Tesla Motors, Wikipedia, Pixar, Beastie Boys, Encyclopedia Britannica, GitHub and many more.

No matter what is the scope and ambition of your web store, Shopify has all the features, easy to control dashboard, and easy integration tools that you would expect. The service level supports four subscription tiers (Starter, Basic, Professional and Unlimited), all with their own set of features and different payment rates that range between 2.25%+30cents and 2.9%+30 cents.

Today after more 8 years on the market,  Shipify has a support for over 100 professional and free website templates, full support for customization of storefront elements, support for coding  (HTML, CSS),  store builder, powerful analytics, blogging platform, secure shopping cart and checkout, support for all popular credit card vendors, unlimited worldwide web hosting, integrated SEO optimization, social network integration, and great support system that connects e-commerce experts with new Shopify customers that are in need of help. Create your ecommerce store today!

Interface of Shopify is very modern and easy to use, enabling anyone from complete beginners to seasoned professionals to easily start their own e-commerce business. Store can be either created directly on Shiopify website from the ground up as a brand new website, or embedded into previously existing website. Entire process of web store building is highly customizable, and fully ready to be used with all major credit card providers.

Registration and cost
Shopify is a premium service that can be used by both beginners and experts. Premium subscription starts with the most simple $14/month tier (small web store with up to 25 products), but the majority of users are choosing one of the three main tiers – Basic (29/mo), Professional ($79/mo) and Unlimited (179/mo). All three of them offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited products, varying degree of file storage, transaction fee, and other features.

Shopify is without any doubt one of the most comprehensive and versatile e-commerce platforms on the market, perfect for any type of user and any type of web store. With Shopify offering free 14 day trial period, anyone needs to at least try it before deciding what platform will power their unique web store. Create your ecommerce store today!

Shopify Features:

Beautiful Store Designs
100+ professionally designed ecommerce templates or create one with HTML & CSS.

Reliable Ecommerce Hosting
Ecommerce website hosting with unlimited bandwidth is included in all packages.

Secure Shopping Cart
Accept credit cards with a secure shopping cart that is Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant.

Trust Us With Your Business
Countless customers trust Shopify to power stores that sell millions each month.

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