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Quizlet - Simple free learning tools for students and teachers

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Quizlet Review


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    Quizlet Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Quizlet is an innovative educational web service that was specifically created to help you memorize set of terms which can be learned in several study modes. By focusing itself on intuitive interfaces and “game-like” learning techniques, Quizlet has instantly become worldwide success and one of the best services for fast memorizing of terms.

Distinquishing feature of Quizlet are its learning modes, which are focused technique called “learning while playing”. Those modes are Speller, Familiarize, Learn, Test, Scatter, Space Race, Voice Space Race and even innovative multiplayer learning mode in which several users try to form sentences using a vocabulary word, with public discussion of successful sentences and errors.

Quizlet Features:

Join a class
Find your classes to share and learn together. Study with friends!

In the classroom
Quizlet is great at school, for individual or group study.

Friendly Competition
Show off your scores and your knowledge.

Quizlet Review
Popular online learning tool for students and teachers

Preparing yourself for school or university tests can be a stressful time, especially if you want to learn quickly. To enable easier learning and maintaining of your concentration, many online services were born with easy to use tools and proven curriculum that will help you to master every problem you may encounter during your time in school. One of the best web powered apps that can help you do just that and much more is Quizlet. Using very simple but extremely effective approach of mini quizes and flashcards, this learning app has managed to attractmillions of users who learn everything from school-related tests, but also learning about things that they will encounter at their jobs, learning new languages and more.

Quizlet was created in 2005 by 15-year-old Andrew Sutherland who wanted to build app that can help him memorize 11 animal names in French language. His project slowly but surely grew, eventually becoming the fully featured learning destination that you can visit today.

Quizlet Overview
Quizlet is a free learning service that can help any student to easily prepare for upcoming terms by fully focusing its lessons on providing users with fun and engaging ways to memorize content. While many others websites feature strict and expansive studies that can require from their users to carve a large amount of time, Quizlet is fully focused on short “flashcard” type of learning, with short gradual learning of small amount of data, and constant mini-quizzes that will always keep you engaged and concentrated.  No matter what you want to learn or prepare yourself for upcoming school, university or job test, Quizlet has tools that will help you to pass easily.

Quizet supports various lessons from Math & Science, Arts & Literature, Languages & Vocab (over 40 languages, including fictional languages such as Klingon), Standardized tests (SAT, AP, GRE…), Professional & Career (Law, Banking, Accounting, Computers…), Geography, History and much more. As of early 2014, Quizlet has managed to collect over 20 million quiz sets that you can access and learn from, no matter if you are sitting in front of your PC, using your mobile phone to access quizzes just before school test is about to start. This ease of use and versatility enables you to always remain in contact with your studies, always being able to refresh your knowledge and learn more. Additionally, Quizlet also supports fully-featured set of tools that can help teachers to setup their own tests that they can distribute to their pupils in classrooms.

Interface of Quizlet is very modern and eye-catching, perfectly mixing white and very striking blue color to create one of the most unique learning sites on the web (definitely more attractive than its closest competitor FlashCardexchange). Site content can be very easily found, either by clicking on categories and listing most popular quizzes, or by directly searching for quiz via search bar.

Registration and cost
Quizlet is free for use, with minimal advertisements being placed on its pages. You can create new account either manually, or by linking Quizlet’s profile with your old Google or Facebook accounts.

With several million registered users, more than 20 million user generated tests and flashcards, interactive learning games, spellcheckers and more, Quizlet represents learning app that you have to try.

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