An End-to-end Media Asset management solution!

Publitio - An End-to-end Media Asset management solution!

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Publitio Review


By Publitio Team - Free Basic
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    Publitio Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Publitio is a service that manages an image, video, audio, and document-related needs all in the cloud, its full media asset management service. It provides a wide range of tools for media management, that you can use for your web and mobile app. Developers & Marketers use Publitio to upload, store, manipulate, optimize and deliver content via by global distribution network (CDN) that Publitio provides by default to its users.

Publitio Review:

Publitio is solving a problem of Media Asset Management (MAM) process. It provides a solution that is easing common tasks for web & mobile apps, that need to upload Images, Videos, Audio and Document files, by providing storage, processing, and delivery of uploaded media content. It reduces time to deployment and reduces costs of the whole project by empowering your media. Connecting to service can be done via the Media Dashboard that allows you to easily organize and find your content. For developers, It provides set of SDK's like Wordpress, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Node JS, Python, Go, Perl, Laravel Android and IOS together with Postman collection for testing purposes.

Media Files Storage
Publitio provides storage for Image, Video, Audio, and Document media types. They provide a wide range of media file types with max upload size of 5GB per file. Content is stored on Cloud Storage providers like Amazon S3, Azure and Digital ocean, so you can rest assure your files will be available when needed.

Image, Audio, and Video Processing
Media processing includes everything from image, audio and video transformations, manipulations, conversion (transcoding) between formats. URL-Based API provided by service allows on-the-fly processing of images, audio, and videos, that is so simple to use - you get transformed file just by changing extension or few option parameters in the file URL.

Global Content Delivery Network (GCDN)
When it comes to media assets delivery, Publitio infrastructure is built ground-up to scale: it can handle hundreds of millions of requests by design. Infrastructure is global and with multiple data center points it provides content delivery network by default and by doing so speeds up delivery of your content to final users. It reduces costs as delivery is included as part of the service.

Watermarking Images and Videos
Publitio provides an option to Watermark your image and video content by applying your logo on files during upload or by using API or URL based transformations. Watermarking can help protect your content from being stolen and is one of the most used features.

Video streaming
It provides storage and delivery for videos. If you are looking away to deliver your website background video or explainer on your website the app has you covered by providing direct linking to a video file or embeddable unbranded branded Player that integrates into your website.

HLS streaming and Security
Publito provides HLS Streaming and encryption of video content that prevents users to save your paid content. Together with HLS streaming, it provides Domain Level Protection that allows content loading only from a specified list of domains you add to Publitio.

Multiple CNAME support
Integrating fully into your own domain workflow users will never know content is served by Publitio. Setup CNAME's for multiple projects and deliver content as your own.

Registration and cost
Publitio can be used as free to use service with 10gb storage and 20gb bandwidth with a limited set of features. The paid option is available via 3 paid plans. Pricing starts from $29/month for the Developer plan, 79$ Hacker plan that unlocks option for CNAME support and Pro plan that is 149$ that unlocks Publitio in full. Per usage, pricing is available if you go over PRO plan at 30$/1TB of storage and 30$/1TB for Bandwidth.

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