Free, light version of Photoshop to edit and share images - Free, light version of Photoshop to edit and share images

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  • Details: Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives is a free online version of the most popular professional image editing software on the market. Although it doesn’t support many features of the full flagship application, it still offers a great way to manipulate your images on the web, directly from your browser window!

On you can edit, manage, fix, touch up, crop, and share images in an easy and friendly environment that can be used by everyone. As an added feature, all of you pictures can be shared to your friends on various social networks with just few clicks of your mouse. Amazing Online version of Photoshop!

Photoshop Express Editor Review
Official cloud-powered image editor of industry giant Adobe

Industry giant Adobe has managed over last few decades to release to public countless products, services and standards that have made modern computing way more engaging and usable that it would been without them. Their Adobe Photoshop has created standard for every professional image editor, PDF file format has won the “universal document” battle, and Flash enables internet users to experience multimedia like never before.

One of their services that also provide phenomenal experience that many people don’t know much about is Photoshop Express Editor, webapp created to provide everyone with access to the 100% free image editing directly from the     tab of their browsers. Overview
Photoshop Express Editor is one of the most useful online tools developers from Adobe have ever created, enabling every user from all around the world (even those who have never used their industry-leading image editing suite Photoshop) to easily manage essential fixes on your images, ranging from basic changes like image size, rotation and red-eye removal, to the more advanced procedures for image adjustments, adding of effects and more. This lightweight app does not support only editing of basic image content, but also allows you to decorate images using very intuitive selection of tools such as Text entry, bubbles, stickies, costumes, various objects (animals, sports, and expressions) and off course frames. Utilizing all capabilities of this excellently-designed app, anyone from novices to seasoned professionals will get access to very well stocked image editor that can handle all basic and semi-advanced effects that can transform your images and photos from their ordinary states to the point when you will feel no hesitation for sharing them with your friends, family, internet and incorporating them into your projects of any shapes and sizes. Amazing Online version of Photoshop!

Mixing great professional interface with tools that range from essential to fun, this app represents one of the best ways anyone can edit their images. However, there are several disadvantages that come together with this app. As of early 2014 this app only supports loading and saving images from a computer to this cloud app, not allowing users to access their image galleries on their social network accounts, image sharing sites or even via URL address directly to the picture. Even more worrying, only JPG/JPEG image formats are supported.

A thing in which this app excels the most is its interface, which manages to easily showcase all the tools that user would need, to promote both basic tools and fun additions inside very professional-looking dashboard that has clear layout and controls that are easily accessible. All the image-tweaking tools are situated on the left bar, with two categories of listings – Edit tools and Decorate Tools. Above work canvas are properties for each selected tool, and below canvas are global tools such as Zoom, Undo, Redo, Reset, View Original and Cancel/Done.

Registration and cost
Photoshop Express Editor is 100% free application, offering no clear advantages to those who are registered on Adobe website. Simple load app and use it as much as you want.

If you want to quickly edit your images and photos and prepare them for online sharing or any other project you have in mind, Photoshop Express Editor is perfect app to do so. Just remember that it supports only JPEG format. Powerful Online version of Photoshop!

Photoshop Web Features:

Edit photos anytime from anywhere. Crop, fix lighting, adjust color, and more. Add effects, borders, and text to get unique looks. Keep your original photo intact, no matter how many changes you make.

Easy to start sharing. Share your gallery and albums to Facebook and Twitter. Easily create personalized slideshows. Create videos from your photo albums using Animoto.

And more
Protect photos and videos with 2GB of online storage. Sync photos from your desktop with the Express Uploader. Sort and find your photos with an easy-to-use Organizer.

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