Sing, hum, or whistle to instantly find your favorite music!

Midomi - Sing, hum, or whistle to instantly find your favorite music!

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Midomi Review


By Melodis Corporation - Free
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    Midomi Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Midomi find and discover music and people. Use your voice to instantly connect to your favorite music, and to a community of people that share your. At Midomi you can create your own profile, sing your favorite songs and share them with your friends and get discovered by other midomi users. You can listen to and rate others' musical performances, see their pictures, send them messages, buy original music, and more.

Midomi Review
Social network dedicated for music fans!

Online social networks have managed to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, especially two big ones - Facebook and Twitter. However, before those two giants managed to attract more than billion people into their ecosystems, MySpace managed to popularize social gathering centered about one theme – music. While MySpace lost majority of its supporters as time went by, other social networks that focused their efforts to attracting music lovers managed to rise, and one of the most interesting one is without a doubt Midomi.

Built from the ground up by Melodis Corporation, this online community had a goal to become premier place where musicians and fans would gather, providing data to the site that would eventually become the largest and most comprehensive musical database of the music available on the internet. That would be an almost unattainable goal if Midomi did not offer one of the most innovative services to every of its user – ability to search its database by simply singing your songs into the microphone, or even just humming them! This innovation gives everyone the chance to rediscover songs from their youth, get information about songs that they remembered from hearing on the radio, all without even knowing name of song or artist.

Midomi Overview
Midomi manages to perfectly blend world of social networking, discovery and enjoying the music. Users who become part of this great community are encouraged in various ways to express themselves by actually singing one with another, recordingyour singing performances, and even livestream their singing to everyone. This great functionality is built in into every page of this social network community, no matter if you are on PC or following your friends via native iPhone app. No matter where you are, the musical world of Midomi will call for you to be more engaged with the community.

Promotion of users on Midomi is closely tied to your ability to sing or hum together with your favorite songs. Community has an ability to rank such performances, enabling you to become more prominently showcased to everyone. If you are good enough, your recording of that song will be present on the database page of that very song, enabling everyone to hear you. Same goes for your profile and profile of your friends. Directly from those pages you can see their top 10 lists, their performances and more.

Midomi features very modern and stylish interface with rich use of brown and orange color shades, designed to be easily used by anyone. Even though the main focus of the site is for you to have fun while communicating with friends and discovering new music, the entire site has an aura of professional design and useful tools (most notably very accessible search tool for finding songs by simply singing them).

Registration and cost
Creation of new accounts on Midomi is free and fast, enabling you to instantly become a part of this great community that is growing quickly with each passing day.  There are no registration fees, subscription payments or unlocking of any site features.

Registration is only possible by providing your valid email address, and desired username and password. There is no option for logging in using credentials from your other online services such as Facebook or Twitter.

Midomi is a great online destination for music lovers that like to socialize and discover new music. Inclusion of the innovative voice search feature and heavy promotion of user singing makes this social networt very unique. Try it out together with your friends!

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