Magisto automatically turns plain videos into beautifully edited

Magisto - Magisto automatically turns plain videos into beautifully edited

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Magisto Review


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    Magisto Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Magisto is an online video editor that will enable you to create awesomely produced videos with a click of a button. Simply select which videos you want to use and Matisto will do the rest!

Magisto works on a principle of automated editing. Every video that you select is carefully analyzed, and only best parts are taken out and mixed together with wide variety of transition effects and music. You don’t even have to manually upload videos if they are hosed on your Google Drive storage. Magisto will collect them and edit them in no time, enabling you to save your bandwidth and time.

In addition to modern web browsers, Magisto is also available on Android and iOS portable devices, giving you the freedom to record and edit videos directly from your mobile app.

Magisto Review
Automatic video editing online!

If you are one of the many people who are not knowledgeable about video editing, you don’t have time to learn how they work or you simply have limited resources (very old PCs), the best and only solution for creating professional looking videos is for you to find some online video editing application that will best suite you need. If you really want to simplify process of mixing several videos together, then you have to take a closer look at Magisto online video editor, one of the best automated video editing services on the internet. It enables you to simply upload videos from your PC or smartphone, and with a click of a single button create one publishable video of high quality.

This great online destination was founded in early 2010, with a goal to become one of the best services on the internet that will perform automated video editing, enabling modern users who often film more video material that they will ever need to produce singular video file that will have all most important events from your various video. This approach to automated video editing quickly bought fame to Magisto, with more than 5 million registered users  from all four corners of the world.

Magisto Overview
Magisto is a very useful web application for automatic video editing. It is aimed at amateurs and video editing novices, providing them with the service of streamlined video editing and “one click” solution for making engaging, eye-catching and professional grade videos. While other video editors are focing you to manually create your end product by selecting videos, cutting out pieces, selecting transition effects and more, Magisto solves that process by introducing automatic video editing that will produce great looking videos with minimal effort. This feature is achieved not by random, but with careful analyzing of the videos and searching for the most interesting parts – action sequences, faces, animals, landscapes, speech. Those interesting parts are then extracted, and arranged in a great looking way that follows the tempo of the music.  All in all, to create fun and engaging video with Magisto, you don’t need to have any video editing knowledge, enabling anyone to easily create video that they would be proud to share with their friends, family and the internet.

In addition to web interface that can be accessed from any modern PC or Mac browser, Magisto online video editor also offers standalone apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. This enables you to directly upload videos that you have made with your portable camera, and allow Magisto to create great looking mashup videos that you can instantly share on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or email.

Interface of Magisto is very simple one. After you sign up for a new account and decide to create your first video, you will we welcomed with a simple 3 button interface – Select Videos, Add Title, and Add Soundtrack. That’s it. Simply select your videos, wait for them to finish uploading, add title, music and your final video will be ready for sharing or publishing. Uploading videos directly from Google Drive is supported.

Registration and cost
Magisto offers all of its features for free, but it is limited to SD video quality. If you want to access HD videos and more publishing options, there are 3 premium subscription tiers that you can access. Basic tier gives you access to 1000 videos per month ($1 per SD video, $2 per HD video) with the minimum payment of $300 per month.

If you want to completely simplify process of video editing but not sacrifice quality, Magisto is a app for you. It’s fast, easy and free, with great tools for sharing finished videos. Try it out now!

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