Make a shape collage in seconds or view others in the gallery

Loupe - Make a shape collage in seconds or view others in the gallery

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Loupe Review


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    Loupe Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Loupe is an easy to use imaging and digital photo editor that will help you to create incredibly good looking shape collages in seconds. Bu utilizing all the available features of the modern cloud based architecture, entire process of working is placed inside of your browser, with not need of for your own computer to process images by itself. Make a shape collage today!

Loupe can collect images directly from your computer, or grab them from your accounts on some of the most popular image hosting services in the world such as Facebook, Tumbler, Instagram, Google Drive and more.  Simply import images, chose a preferred shape of your collage and wait for few seconds while cloud servers are arranging them. Loupe is free and accessible from any modern web browser.

Loupe Review
Reshape your photos online using this great editing suite

For hundreds of millions of people, image sharing represents one of the most enjoyable ways of communicating with friends online, easily showing to them all the places you visited, people you met, and events that you managed to capture no matter where you are. However, when you have to showcase large amount of photos, then troubles start. You can dump all images on your social network account, or in some image hosting site, or create slideshow with some 3rd party app, but that will not be as attractive as you want it to be. Solutions to those problems are collages, which can be very fun and arranged in countless shapes and forms that can be appealing to your audience.  If you want to create something like that, you have to visit Loupe.

Loupe Overview
Loupe is a very popular online destination where users from all around the world can gather their photos and use highly intuitive collage builder tools to prepare their photos for online sharing, create eye-catching and highly customizable eCards, and even use your photos to create fun collage-based games that can make you, your friends, family and internet users happy. In the core of this service is of course collage builder editor called “Loupe Collage”that can be accessed for free and can enable you to shape your collage into any form you want – either some that was predetermined or even free form.

The process of building collages starts with the uploading of your photos, which can be done in several ways. You can upload them from your local storage, or directly get them from your already active online services (supported ones are Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, Google+ and Loupe image hosting). You can even preform image search with your own keywords on Google, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and other services, managing very quickly amass large catalogue of songs that are ready to be arranged. After that you will land in main dashboard, which holds great tools for switching collage shapes, size, rotation, borders, shadows, text entry, and much more. With such simple UI, after just few seconds you will be able to craft interesting collage, save it, and download to your computer. Of course instant sharing to any of supported social networks is supported, as well as URL link and embed code so that you can truly showcase your creation everywhere. Make a shape collage today!

Interface of Loupe is very intuitive, with main page that promotes all the functionalities that his service can perform – Loupe Collage, LopueCard and LopeWaldo.  Dashboard of LoupeCollage is accessible only after you select images you want to use for your Collage. After that you will be able to very simply select basic shape of your collage, with the tools on the right you can tweak the look of your current collage, and with your mouse you can manually move, rotate, resize and precisely position each of the showcased photos.

Registration and cost
Loupe can very comfortably be used in its free version, but $5/month Pro version exists. With it collages can be used in commercial uses and image limit is removed.

Loupe is one of the best places on the web where you can transform your images into interactive collages that can be easily enjoyed by anyone. Give it a try!

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