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LivingSocial - Get discounted special deals and offers in your city

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LivingSocial Review


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    LivingSocial Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

LivingSocial is a one of the best online services for people who are searching best daily deals and discounts for shopping. With support for over 10 countries (US, UK, Canada, UAE, Egypt, France, Ireland, Australia, etc.) and over 100 individual cities, you can be assured that best local daily deals will find their way to you. Get discounted special deals and offers in your city!

LivinGocial is one of the most visited sites on the internet today (with Alexa rank of 501, as of August 2012), serving millions of daily users that connect to its powerful database with all modern of internet enabled devices (desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets).  

Experience the power of the closely connected community that shares all the local daily deals, save your money, find best products, and discover new local stores that offer best service.

LivingSocial Review
Find out best deals and discountsin your city

In the world where large businesses threaten to take over smaller competition everywhere you look at, a hope appears with the form of LivingSocial – an innovative shopping social service that is aimed to give life to the smaller businesses in your environment, get you discounts on the merchandise you need, and give you a push to get out in a public and discover new and interesting things about your city.

Created in the 2007 under the name “Hungry Machine” by only 4 employees, LivingSocial has managed to become famous in more than 25 countries by offering everyone best daily deals for acquiring discounted gift certificates that can be used mostly in smaller shops and national companies. This focus on smaller businesses was intentional, enabling large userbase of LivingSocial not only to get their goods as cheap as possible, but also sending them to physically visit various shops in their cities, expanding their knowledge about their community and meeting new and interesting people.

LivingSocial Overview
Built from the ground up to provide everyone in supported territories with fully featured array of tools for discovering new daily deals, LivingSocial has managed to incorporate many elements of other popular social network to enable you to easily learn more about deals, businesses and people in your surroundings. Site offers detailed profiles for all businesses in your environment (with larger focus on entertainment, cuisine, shops, and interesting experiences), integrated Google maps plugin with detailed route tracker, and wide array of available deals for each supported city, with some of the deals encouraging you with better sales by physically visiting the venue and not only ordering your merchandise via the internet. Get discounted special deals and offers in your city!

Interface of the LivingSocial is modern, colorful and fun, with a focus of showcasing the most popular items, deals, events and experiences directly on the mainpage. The deals themselves have detailed information about what you will be purchasing and with how much savings, info about establishment, Google Maps of the place when establishment is located, similar experiences around you and off course integrated tools for sharing everything you have found via Facebook, Twitter and email.Above main frame of the page, you can find banner with search field that takes into account both the item you are interested in and the city of your choice. Left of that is the set of menu item that can take you to the most popular and relevant Local Deals (restaurants, events, sports, health & beauty, services, family), Escapes (popular destination for discovering the charm of your city) and Shopping (electronic, home goods, fashion, health, kid items, pets, and more).

Registration and cost
Registration for LivingSocial is easy and straightforward, requiring you either to log in using your Facebook credentials or to manually provide your email address, first and last name and the city you reside in. Get discounted special deals and offers in your city! All features of LivingSocial are available to everyone for free, without any monthly subscriptions or account expiration dates.

If you want to experience all the fun, expertise and entertainment that you city and people in it can give you, then you have to strongly consider using LivingSocial. You will save money on incredible services that will be provided by the living heart of your city – small businesses, and during that time of acquisition, you will met interesting people that you would never met otherwise.

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