Powerful business-oriented social network

LinkedIn - Powerful business-oriented social network

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LinkedIn Review


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    LinkedIn Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

LinkedIn is excellent social network service for professional users and businesses of all sizes. In it you can find comprehensive tools for maintaining connections with your current and past co-workers and business partners, templates for making complete online CV, and the infrastructure receiving and showing off recommendations and commendations form your current and employers. World's Largest Business Network!

With access to such large amount of data about millions of employees and their past work experiences, many professional headhunters first look for workforce on LinkedIn paid services before starting public search for new people they need.

Free account on LinkedIn in will give you access to your online CV, in which you can enter all your information about past work experiences, qualifications, education, interests and recommendations from co-workers and employers.

If your wish is to build your future career on new and exciting jobs, or just to maintain professional connections with other users, LinkedIn is the perfect service for you.


LinkedIn Review
Most popular social network for professionals and businesses

Social networks are not only made for fun, light interaction and talk between friends and family. To fully take advantage of all the possibilities that the modern could-based architecture can provide, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Reid Hoffman and Konstantin Guericke have managed in 2003 to start a revolutionary online social site that was aimed solely to provide connection between businesses, industries, workers, and job applicants. This is enabled by providing companies to set up their own profiles describing their work, applications for new workers, and easy tools for searching and filtering all the members.

Over the years since its inception, LinkedIn has become popular tool for marketing and promotional tools, enabling countless of users to find new job, collaborate between themselves, learn and increase their work productivity. As of 2013, LinkedIn has over 225 million registered users from more than 2000 countries and territories, managing to remain in the top 10 most visited sites in the world for several years.

LinkedIn Overview
Because of the large popularity of the LinkedIn, even those who don’t have a job that is related to the work on the internet have accounts on this influential social network service. Among many features that all users of LinkedIn have ability to chat one with another, send private messages, share links and much more that is connected with the needs of the serious businesses (coordinate large meetings for example). Many of its features have advanced functionality for paying users, or mostly, its use is limited to free users by denying them the ability to contact as much people as they would like. That is specifically present to entice serious businesses to move from free accounts to some of the available tiers of monthly subscriptions. World's Largest Business Network!

Interface of LinkedIn is designed to look professional and functional, without unnecessary clutter or complications during use. Majority of the tools and features are placed inside menus that look no differently than in any other number of popular social network sites. Clean, well-organized interface enables easy navigation, content insertion, discovery of users or businesses, communication and collaboration. Every single thing regarding LinkedIn interface was built from the ground up by professionals for professionals, and their results are easily visible.

Registration and cost
Registration for LinkedIn is easy and fast, requiring from you to give your full first and last name, email address, password, and after short check of email availability, additional data for building your profile (company name, address, zip code, country and any other data that will help you get more visible by potential employers). Registration cannot be completed before confirming your intention by activating link that will be sent to you email inbox.

As for payment, there are several tiers of subscription. For free you can access all the basic LinkedIn features, such as search and chat. For $24.95 you can set up to three direct InMail contacts per month, browsing up to 300 users per search, more filtering options, better insight into profiles of other users, and ability to see who has viewed your profile. Two additional subscription tiers for $49.95 and $99.95 offer much more search results and insights into user’s profiles. World's Largest Business Network!

If you are a businessman who needs to remain in contact with your colleagues, college student who seeks employment or a worker who wants to get more experience from other people from all around the world, LinkedIn is the must-have social network for you.
World's Largest Business Network

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