The world's largest funding platform for creative projects

Kickstarter - The world's largest funding platform for creative projects

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Kickstarter Review


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    Kickstarter Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Kickstarter is a leading crowd funding website that has managed to attract creators and visionaries from diverse array of endeavors, ranging from technology, software, art, journalism, comics, video and music.

If you ever wanted to make your wish come true and start your own business, realize your childhood idea, but you lack the money to do so, then Kickstarter is a perfect destination for you. There you can present your plans to the general internet population, offer prizes and products as an award for those who would like to DONATE to your cause, and then collect the money at the end of the donation period. Be a part of a visionary site that gathers the funding and support for hundreds and hundreds of creative projects. Be a part of Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Review
World’s most popular crowdfunding platform!

No matter if you are up and coming artist, seasoned veteran, complete novice, or a group of people who has vision of something great, all of you can found yourself in situation that you lack funding to continue working on something you believe in. With the advent of internet, and the great promotional tools it offers, now you have another avenue for finding funds. is a online destination where you can present your vision to the public, and offer potential backer tangible rewards and special experience in exchange for their pledges. This way you can skip many other forms of funding and ask money directly from your end users who are willing to support your vision and are interested in rewards you are offering.

Founded in April of 2009 by Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler, and Charles Adler, Kickstarter very quickly received significant amount of attention from media who praised its approach to easy project management, user-friendly interface and potential to change the way many kinds of project were funded. Its popularity grew from year to year, with phenomenal amount of attention being attracted in early 2012 when several projects from technology, video gaming and film categories started making waves with successful multimillion funding campaigns. Some of the mostfamous projects on Kickstarter so far are Pebble e-paper watch for Android and iOS phones, Ouya micro-console, Double Fine Adventure video game, and Veronica Mars movie.

Kickstarter Overview
Kickstarter is the largest crowdfunding website in the world, managing only in the 4 years since it was founded to reach unprecedented fame with its service that has enable over 50 thousand creators to achieve their dreams with the help of over 5 million users who have spent money for backing their projects and receiving compensation via various gifts and exclusive pieces of content (both real and digital). Site works on a principle of collecting money for creative projects that founders want to bring to reality with the help of the funding of general public. Projects are separated in one of the 13 distinctive categories (Art, Comics, Dance, Fashion, Film & Video, Food, Games, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology and Theater), with limitation that only creators from United States, Canada, UK and Australia can post new projects.

Entire process of project submission and money collection gathering was very streamlined, which enabled Kickstarter to reach much wider audience than anyone expected. Each project has video and text description, optional place for FAQ, dedicated blog for project updates, and ability to set as many backing tiers as it needed. Free analytic package allows project creators to monitor the state of their project. Money is collected from users only when the time limit for money collecting campaign is finished, and the amount of money has passed the funding goal, enabling backers to freely out-out from the funding campaign.

Kickstarter features very intuitive and easy to use interface that currently hosts over 50 thousand past and current funding projects. Main page offers easy way to browse featured and most popular projects, dedicated “Discover” section, and a good search tool. Each project page has video pitch, detailed text description of project, risk assessment and optional FAQ. On the right side of project page you can see levels of pledges with rewards that will be given to you if you chose to support the project. Each project has its own sub-pages for updates (public or backer-only), list of backers and page for public comments.

In addition to web interface (that sadly does not have mobile-friendly version), Kickstarter can also be accessed via dedicated iOS app called “Kickstarter for the iPhone”.

Registration and cost
Kickstarter features free registration that allows users to post pledges, receive updates from projects they backed, and post comments. Users can also post their own Kickstarter campaigns, but only if they are based inUS, UK, Canada and Australia.

Kickstarter revolutionized the way projects of countless types are today funded over the internet by providing creators direct avenue of contacting their audience who are willing to help funding their projects. This innovation is today spreading across the internet with incredible rate, bringing life to projects that would never found funding otherwise.

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