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Indiegogo - An International Crowdfunding Platform to Raise Money

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Indiegogo Review


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    Indiegogo Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Indiegogo is a one of the oldest crowd funding sites on the internet, enabling thousands of individual project to meet their financing goal with the help of the internet users who are willing to help. Created in 2008 by Danae Ringelmann, Slava Rubin, and Eric Schell, Indiegogo has managed to host over 100,000 funding campaigns, gathering over 1 million dollar each month. Awesome Crowdfunding Platform!

If you have a dream and a plan to create something beautiful or useful, crowdsourcing financing may be one of the best way to secure money and start your marketing campaign. With already tested infrastructure of Indiegogo your project can reach millions, enabling you not only to secure funds but also to find your first customers and supporters that will spread the world of your product across entire internet.

With the large supportive community that is willing to help, even the most challenging projects can be funded and bring to completion. Give it a try!

Indiegogo Review
Popular international crowdfunding destination

The concept of crowdfunding was introduced more than 400 years ago in 17th century Germany as the funding method for German audience to fund publishing of new books that were not intended to be printed by book companies. This enabled large pool of volunteers to cover the costs of book printing in advance, which is the custom that remained popular after that moment, usually only in the field of books and magazines. Centuries later many more forms of crowd funding appeared, from 125 thousand people funding the pedestal for Statue of Liberty in New York to the modern age when internet enables everyone around the world to collectively fund the projects that they deem are worthy of their money.  Era of internet crowdfunding started with the US websiteArtistShare from 2001, with many of its competitors appearing in 2005 and 2006. Awesome Crowdfunding Platform!

One of the most popular crowdfunding websites today is Indeigogo, site established in 2008 with an initial goal to provide avenue for filmmakers and artists to fund their projects. Today, this vision has expanded to cover three basic categories –Creative (art, comic, fashion, film, gaming, theater, writing …), Causes (animals, community, environment, health, education …) and Entrepreneurial (food, sports, technology …). This expansion of Indiegogo enabled many projects to reach funding that count in millions of dollars, and if you have good idea, you can easily become one of the creators that will attract audience and funding.

Indiegogo Overview
Indiegogo is famous international crowdfunding service that was created before now dominant Kickstarter managed to become the most popular player in the field of community funding. While Kickstarter managed to attract the attention of worldwide public with several very interesting US-based projects whose marketing campaigns managed to popularize idea of crowdfunding, Indiegogo started its life as the useful service for filmmakers and artists who were in need of independent funding. This idea was enabled over 45 thousand campaigns to be formed before October 2011, with millions of dollars going to the artists, craftsman and creators from all around the world (on the other hand, Kickstarter is limited to projects from only 4 countries – US, UK, Canada and Australia).

Users of Indiegogo can easily create new projects, video pitches, tiers of rewards for their backers and start collecting money directly from their audience. While Kickstarter collects money only if the funding goal is met, Indiegogo leaves option to project creators to take collected money even if they fail to reach their funding goal. If the goal is met Indiegogo will take %4 of funds, and if it is not met it will take 9%.

If you are artist with a vision and you have in mind project that is creative, has a good cause or you thing that your own startup enterprise can motivate other people to be better, go to Indiegogo and try your luck in gathering funds from worldwide audience.

Interface of Indiegogo is very intuitive, informative and fast, enabling users to effortlessly browse selection of currently active and past projects and decide how much they are willing to support efforts of countless creators and innovators from all around the world. Awesome Crowdfunding Platform! Individual project pages feature campaign home page that host video, text and image description of the project, funding counter and tiers of contributions that describe rewards and perks you will get if your decide to back the project with your money. In addition to campaign home page, each project has blog for updates, comment section, list of funders and gallery for multimedia content.

Registration and cost
Indiegogo is free for use, both for backers and creators of new projects. Account is needed for accessing community tools and for giving funding to projects. Indiegogo takes fixed fee from projects that successfully gather enough money for their funding (either reaching goal or taking whatever is available).

Indiegogo is a perfect crowdfunding platform for creators and inventors that want to reach audience and gather money for their projects. Its free for use, features great UI and in-site promotional abilities, and enables funding of projects that are based all around the world (there are no region blocking).

Indiegogo Features:

Open & Accessible
Anyone, anywhere can raise money for anything on Indiegogo.

Powerful Tools
Indiegogo has the tools you need to easily create, share and manage your campaign.

Global Exposure
Get merit-based promotion to make people around the world aware of your campaign. Great Crowdfunding Platform!

Every campaign is personal, and we give you the support and options you need.

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