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IFTTT Review


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    IFTTT Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

IFTTT is an innovative web application that gives you the power of searching all the most popular online web applications with ease and great efficiency. By creating your own custom tasks, you can create a workflow that gathers for you information from all the sources that you need.

With IFTTT you can finally took complete control over information that are offered you on the various webapps across the internet. You want to automatically save every Facebook image with your tag in your Dropbox folder? Easy. Remember all Craigslist sales with your search query and send them to your Gmail account? Done in few steps! All that you need to do is make custom task in the form of simple sentence “If [this happens on Service A] then [do that on service B]”. That’s it! If you don’t want to manually create your tasks, you can look “recipes” that were created by other users and immediately start using them.

IFTTT currently supports 56 channels, and with every month this selection grows enabling you to take better control over your work, fun, and interaction with friends, family, co-workers and business partners.

IFTTT Review
Make internet work for you the way you want it!

Innovation on the internet comes in waves, sometimes fueled by the incredible advances in technology and infrastructure (for example expansion of photography-themed services that arrived with the advent of smartphones) and sometimes just by the innovative mind of the talented developers. One of the brightest examples of the second kind of innovation comes from the developer Linden Tibbet who in 2010 created IFTTT, service that enables users to make their own custom connection between all the most famous web applications (Twitter, Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook) using simple “if THIS then THAT” conditional statements. These “Recipes” can be created in mere seconds, enabling tremendous functionality that you can tailor for your own needs, and that you cannot find anywhere else on the internet easily.

Praised by many internet media websites and introduced in 2013 to the iOS ecosystem, IFTTT represents on the rising services that will very soon become even more popular that is today.

IFTTT Overview
IFTTT revolutionizes way you interact with your popular social services by enabling you to create Recipes, simple statements that can help you automatize your life on the web. Recipes consist from triggers - statements such as “if I post image on Facebook” and Actions such as “save it on Dropbox”. The way you construct your recipes in any way you want, covering over 70 services from all the most popular social networks, image sharing sites, data backup sites and more. For example you can create elaborate and detailed system for image sharing, automated system for writing messages on one service and immediately deploying them on other services, personalized notification services that can alert you via SMS, and much more. As of 2013, IFTTT arrived on iOS devices, enabling users to use more services such as phone or tablet Contacts, Reminders and iOS Photos.

Interface of IFTTT is very simple, but enables large amount of freedom. From the moment you create new account you are encouraged to start experimenting with their own Recipes, taking your services closer together. UI of the website is very Spartan, but very interesting approach to design allows both novices and professionals to make the web to work the way they want, boost their productivity and do actions that no other service is able to automate. The most noticeable feature of its interface is varying text sizes that you can notice everywhere.

IFTTT is available to be used directly from the web browser either on desktops or portable devices, but iOS users have ability to try native application that enables few more exclusive services to be used.

Registration and cost
IFTTT is available for everyone to be used for free. This approach enabled its service to attract is large userbase, and judging by its website, developer team is not planning to introduce subscription tiers, especially since recently this service exited out from its beta state. Creation of new account can be done only by providing valid email address.

We really can’t remember any other service that can give you as much freedom as IFTTT does. It enables you to effortlessly mix and match actions and triggers, customizing the way the internet works however you want it to work! We fully recommend it, especially since its 100% free! IFTTT free web service is great!

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