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HootSuite Review


By HootSuite Media Inc. - Free Basic
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    HootSuite Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

HootSuite is a very usefull social networking and messagins service that enables you to follow several social network streams from one browser tab. Powered by simple user interface, HootSuite can be used as an excellent tool managing your presence in the online space. Social Media Management Dashboard for free basic!

Some of the most notable features of HootSuite is its ability to send scheduled messages across all of your account, tracks brand mentions, analyze traffics and enable your business or brand to stay in better touch with its customers.

HootSuite Review
Industry leading social media dashboard for controlling your social presence

Years after Facebook, Twitter and other servcices managed to revolutionize the way we approach social networking, countless of people from all around the world started to struggle with this service. This struggle was most evident with the professional users, marketers, brand managers and similar people that wanted to use social networks not only as a simple communication tools that can be accessed on the go, but as a powerful research destinations that can help their business to prosper, and enable them to get full grasp about social waves that are spreading all across the planet.
One of the best tools for managing and measuring traffic on all the most popular social networks is HootSuite. With its very easy to use dashboard that hides truly countless configurations and tweaks, you can take full command over all the most popular social networks of the world, track multiple accounts, multiple real-time keyword searches, collaborate with other users on marketing plans, build for yourself engagement plan with pre-recorded automatic messages or tweets, and analyze absolutely every statistic you can think about. And to top that off, you can start using HootSuite right now for absolutely free!

HootSuite Overview
The basic interface of HootSuite is its powerful dashboard that can host all yoursocial network tracking data that is presented as columns and tabs. You can organize your workspace however you want, with multiple columns per one tab. You can track general feeds, specific brand mentions, keyword searches, Direct messages, sent tweets and much, more. Each of your columns can be refreshed with a custom timer (2 to 30 minutes, or manual refresh). In addition to Facebook and Twitter which are most popular social networks today, you can also fully track accounts on LinkedIn, WordPress, Ping.fm, MySpace and Foursquare.

Those are the basics. But immediately under the surface you can find countless interesting features that can automate your work, increase your productivity and build you complete view of your marketing tracking or other job. Some (but not all) features that can you can use on daily basis are integrated URL shortener, detailed statistic, scheduled tweets or status updates, sending of one message across several accounts at the same time, embedding code for twitter streams, collaboration with team members, app integrations, RSS feeds, message archiving, geo-targeting and much more.

HootSuite aims to give professionals absolute full control over their social network accounts. Because of that, their interface has very modern no-nonsense approach, with wide array of features and tools collected across entire work area. Novices may be overwhelmed when they first start using HootSuite, but they can quickly learn the basics and start implementing more complicated tools as time goes by. On the other hand, professionals will be delighted with all tools.

Registration and cost
HootSuitehas three levels of access. For absolutely free you can access wide array of basic features, and use up to 5 accounts on your favoritesocial networks. Starting with $8.99/month you can access 50 social profiles, advanced message scheduling, collaboration options, better security, RSS support, message archiving and more. Third level us usage is aimed only for very large companies, corporations, organizations and governments.

With more than 20 million users that range from novices to professionals, businesses, multi-national corporations and even governments, HootSuite enables everyone to take full control over your social network accounts. You can try it for free today, and then decide if paid subscription tier can help you and your business to get more attention on the web.

HootSuite Features:

With HootSuite’s Twitter integration, you have all the tools needed to grow, nurture, and engage your audience. Use HootSuite to send and schedule Tweets, listen using search, list and keyword tracking streams, as well as monitor Mentions, Direct Messages, Sent Tweets, Favorited Tweets, and more in dedicated streams.

Simplify your social media with HootSuite's advanced Facebook functionality. Post updates, add images, monitor feeds, and more. Teams can manage complex campaigns – including Profiles, Pages, Events, Groups, and Search.

Connect with clients, broadcast news, amplify recruitment efforts, and monitor industry conversations with HootSuite’s LinkedIn management. HootSuite allows you to post directly to your Company Pages, Groups and Profiles, as well as create job search streams.

Google+ Pages (Enterprise)
HootSuite’s Google+ Pages integration allow brands to use HootSuite's business-focused functionality for account management and publishing targeted messaging to circles. Share and comment on posts, search public posts and updates, see recent user activity, as well as view comments and +1s.

HootSuite’s Foursquare management combines way-finding, social marketing and gaming which encourages everyday socialites to “check in” at locations to alert their friends, share tips and even become “mayor” of a location.

Connect with music, film, and video game fans by syncing your social messaging with Myspace. Send, schedule and view updates from the social entertainment network all within the dashboard.

Not just for microblogging, use HootSuite’s WordPress management to schedule and cross-post content to multiple WordPress accounts. The publishing platform integration also allows you to reblog noteworthy posts and create a stream for blogs you’re following.

Japanese social network, mixi, has over 30 million users and is integrated into the dashboard so you can manage profile updates from one location.

App Directory
The HootSuite App Directory allows you to add even more social networks and tools into your dashboard. Example networks include Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr, as well as marketing focused tools such as MailChimp, SocialFlow, InboxQ, Constant Contact, and many more. Powerful Social Media Management Dashboard!

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