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Gliffy Review


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    Gliffy Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Gliffy is a online productivity tool that allows you to create professional flowcharts and diagrams, with easy and intuitive interface that can transfer your complex data and information into incredibly attractive form that anyone can understand. Flowcharts can be created with only few clicks of your mouse, and even better, your friends and co-workers can instantly receive your work and comment on it in a collaborative environment.

If you need to create professional looking floor plans, UI diagrams, network diagrams, flowcharts, maps, business process diagrams and much more, then Gliffy is the perfect webapp for you! Great Online Diagram Software!

Gliffy Review
Professional diagram editor for users who are on the move!

Many students and business workers spend large amount of their day creating not only presentations that need to be presented in live environments or distributed via the internet as newsletters, slideshows, interactive presentations that are embedded into websites, webinars or eLearning supplement material, but they also need to dedicate large amount of time creating diagrams that will be part of those presentations. While creation of diagram can be done with offline compute client applications, modern schedule often requires of users to move during their day, change computers or even work during travels.

To make all this possible, developers of web application Gliffy have managed to create highly professional diagram editor that is not only powerful by itself, but also takes advantage from integration with popular online services that can make work much less stressful and easy to sync between any device you come in contact.

Gliffy Overview
Gliffy is a professional-grade online editor that can directly from the pages of your web browser create robust and detailed diagrams of all shapes and sizes that can be integrated into home, school and work projects of all types. By it being built on HTML5 architecture and infused withvery easy and powerful tools, both novice and professional users of all knowledge levels for creating diagrams can easily learn how to control this powerful editing app and visualize their ideas, brainstorming sessions and projects with incredible ease. This includes worn on blank projects or starting with templates that cover entire specter of diagrams that include flow charts, organizational charts, electronic diagrams, mind maps, Venn diagrams, floor plans, and countless others.

To enable best possible integration into work environment, Gliffy features deep support for import of Vision documents and full integration into Google Drive service. This enables Gliffy users to access, save, edit, manage and share their documents with incredible ease, no matter where they are or what modern computing device they are using, with perfect syncing after every save point they make (versioning of your workflow is supported, enabling you to easily retrieve earlier points of your work). Share and collaboration options are not only available via Google Drive integration, but also via native URL sharing service that you can promote via any modern chat service or social network. Online collaboration supports real-time help from your team members, with help from guests also being available (they will get access to short-term login credentials). Great Online Diagram Software!

Interface of Gliffy is very modern and easy to use, built do equally well serve novices who are making their first diagrams and professionals who are accessing this service to quickly create diagrams of all complexity levels. Coding, design or technical experience is not required, with all tools being quickly accessible and easy to use. Tools for sharing, embedding, file management and collaboration can also be easily activated, enabling users to easily manage their online libraries of diagrams.

Registration and cost
Free version of Gliffy can be used for creation of 5 public diagrams, with standard UI tools and only 2 MB of online storage space. Paid tiers (priced at 3.99/month and $7.99/month) remove all those restrictions and give professional users ability to create private projects, access to larger object libraries, and integration into Visio and Google Drive platforms.

Gliffy is a great app for professionals who want to have ability to fully manage creation process of diagram using their browser and wide array of cloud-powered tools.

Gliffy Features:

Save Thousands Compared to Visio
Gliffy's intuitive drag-and-drop interface combines the power of traditional desktop software with the lightweight, low learning curve and flexible features of today's most popular browser-based applications.

Easy to Use
Just drag-and-drop shapes from an extensive library and point-and-click your way to format. No expertise needed.

No Compatibility or Access Issues
Gliffy works through your web browser, it's Mac and PC friendly. Great Online Diagram Software!

Collaborate Instantly with Anyone
Whether you use Gliffy as a plugin or online, share and collaborate on your diagrams instantly.

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