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Geni - Powerful Genealogy Tools to Help You Grow Your Tree

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Geni Review


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    Geni Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Geni is a very popular social networking and genealogy website that has the goal to create family tree for the entire world and our ancestors. While anyone can create a private genealogy tree of their family, large online community of researches every day works on building comprehensive family trees of famous people and important historical personalities.

Currently Geni hosts over 98 million profiles that were made by more than 6 million users and many historians who have lend their expertise in building this impressive database of human history. You as a user can for free create tree of your own family, share them with your friends and relatives, and elect if you want to make it accessible to the worldwide audience. As an added ability, all the persons on your family tree can be notified if you change something on your family tree, for example add a new child, marriage, or even merge your family tree when some of your relatives get married to a person who already has their own family tree on Geni. Geni is free and waiting for you to visit it! Powerful Genealogy Tools!

Geni Review
Easily create your family tree in minutes

Geni is popular genealogy website with strong ties to the modern social networking. Created from the ground up to enable everyone to build their ultimate family tree, this website has all the necessary tools and features for preserving your historical records. However, you don’t have to do all the work alone. Creating a family tree is not an easy task for one user to do by itself, and because of that, founders of this website have created integrated tools for online collaboration. That way, you can spread your work between your family members of members of the Geni community and transform even the most complicated family tree into manageable pieces of data that you can update at your own pace. To make this collaboration process even more advanced, users who identify themselves into other family trees (search option across all genealogy trees is fully supported) can elect to merge two or more family trees into one, creating truly spectacular multi-family trees of great complexity and detail.

Geni Overview
The basic tool of Geni is its powerful family tree creator that can be used not only to simply create simple diagram, but also to add specific data to every person entry. You can create your own custom connections between your ancestors and modern family, upload, documents and stories to each entry, and invite every family member to join you into crafting family tree. With many competitors out there offering similar functionality, Geni managed to distinguish itself by making its user interface very beginner friendly and tightly connecting all their users into one database where trees can be shared and merge at user’s wish.

Interface of Geni has easy to use editing controls that will after few minutes easily be used by both computer novices and professionals. Built either by yourself or in collaboration with your friends and family, family tree that you create can be enriched with any type of data you want to give to each entry. Simply start creating empty boxes, add names, connect the relations between them, and no matter how much you expand your family tree, Geni editor will be able to cope with it. Visual style of Geni is not very striking and pleasing to the eye, but what it lacks in appearance it makes up for in practicality and ease of use.

Registration and cost
Geni offers three distinctive membership plans that you can chose. Basic plan is free and enables you to create family tree with up to 100 members, 1 GB of media storage and basic customer support. For $5 per month you get up to 1000 family members, 2GB of storage, premium customer support and access to advance search engine. Final subscription plan is Pro, which for $7.95 per month give you unlimited family tree size, unlimited media storage and ability to merge trees. Registration is done via simply entering your first name, last name and email Powerful Genealogy Tools!

Praised for its simple tools and accessibility, Geni represents one of the most popular family tree creator sites you can find on the internet today, no matter if you want to find genealogy of some famous historical family or you want to create your own.

Geni Features:

Work Together
Add what you know, then invite your relatives to add the missing pieces. Seamlessly collaborate on a single shared tree with as many family members as you like.

Find Your Ancestors
Everyone's related. Geni users have already created over 100 million profiles. Instead of repeating their research, you can share it and connect your trees together.

Connect to New Relatives
Our automatic tree matches let you discover cousins who are researching the same shared ancestors that you are. Connect to new relatives easily to collaborate and share research. Powerful Genealogy Tools!

Stay Organized
Upload and store your family photos, vidoes, records, and sources on Geni. We make it easy to organize them by person or event and to share them with your relatives.

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