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Foursquare Review


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    Foursquare Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Foursquare is a free online application and find recommended places tool that enables you and your friends to better use your surroundings. If you are on the move and want to give your friends better picture of your daily life, you can share location data with your friends wherever you go. This sharing of information has enabled Foursquare developers to build up fascinating database of locations and objects in your surroundings, all with reviews, recommendations, ratings and useful information about them. With Foursquare you can easily find a good restaurant to eat, see your friend’s favorite shops, and recommend your nearby bookstore to everyone. Find recommended places now!

Foursquare Review
Easily find the perfect place to go with your friends and family

There are countless new Socials Networks that come and go, managing to bring little to none innovation into the modern internet landscape, but from time to time some manage to completely revolutionize the way we interact with people. One of those rising stars is without any doubt Foursqare, location based social networking site that is fully focused on giving users with mobile phones experience that they can’t get anywhere else. It manages to do so by sharing with your friend’s current location, more precisely, establishment in which you are currently located. That way, your friends can see where you are, comment on it, get invited to join you and be engaged in the social conversation that would not be possible on other social networks that are not following you location.

From 2009 when Foursquare was established with the efforts of Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai (who since 2012 is not anymore a part of the 100 people strong Foursquare team), this unique social networking site has went through several revisions of its interface and tools, all the time managing to expand its influence over the people from all around the world. Currently with over 33 million registered users, Foursquare represents the most popular location-based social network service, with userbase that grows with each passing day.

Foursquare Overview
Foursquare managed to take full advantage from the modern smartphone hardware, enabling people to sign in into establishments whose location are detected by phone GPS hardware. The data about user’s location is sent either via the internet (phones 2G, 3G, 4G connection or establishments Wi-Fi) or via SMS message to the Foursquare servers. That way, you can announce to the world and you friend that you have just come in into some club, restaurant or venue, notifying your friends or other people what you thing about that place. To make the signing in into different venues more interesting, Foursquare app encourages users to sign in at specific locations which will earn them badges and other small awards, all the while they learn new things about their city or the city they are visiting.

Interface of the Foursquare app on the mobile phones is very simple and intuitive, enabling you to instantly check in to your current location, see who is there alongside you, and contacting your friends and engaging into conversation. Similar function is provided on your PC or Mac browser, where you can use you laptop to do the same things as users with mobile phones.  When you arrive on Foursquare website you will be greeted with the map populated with the locations your friends have visited or they are currently visiting, recent activity feed, you can browse all the listed establishments, see guides, discover new people or places, share everything you find on popular social networks and much more. Find recommended places now!

Registration and cost
Registration process for Foursquare is 100% free and easy, enabling everyone to start using this innovative website in mere seconds. You can create new account by using your Facebook or Google+ credentials, or alternatively using manual registration with your valid email address. During registration process you can import your friend lists from Facebook, G+ and Twitter, but that step is optional. The site itself does not have subscription costs or additional paid features.

Being able to move across your city, notifying your friends where you are, and seeing where they are is a social experience that was impossible to imagine just a few short years ago. Now, dozens of millions of users are sharing their adventures and stories from their interaction with the real world, and you can become part of their story right now. Try Foursquare and be friends with the entire world.

Power of the Foursquare enables you to see more of the world, visit new locations on your trip around the world, locate best restaurants in seconds, and coordinate your night life with friends and much more. Find recommended places now!

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