Best way to create and share interactive floor plans online

Floorplanner - Best way to create and share interactive floor plans online

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Floorplanner Review


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    Floorplanner Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Floorplanner is a powerful web application that enables you to quickly and effortlessly create floor plans for your new home, party, house renovation, and even exterior places such as gardens and yards.

Every feature for creating floor plan is available here to you, directly in your web browser. With Floorplanner you can make quick rough sketches or very detailed plans that can be precise up to a centimeter. Every item from the library of hundreds that you introduce to you plan can be rotated, resized and reshaped, giving you the ability to perfectly envision your design.

With such features, Floorplanner is an application that will surely fill the needs of both novices and professionals, without any need to install and manipulate with big and complicated standalone planner programs.

Floorplanner Review
Easily design the home of your dreams

We all live in a home environment that sometimes becomes stale, forcing us from time to time to change the layout of our furniture, remodel certain pieces of our living area, and sometimes do extensive changes. This often happens not only your current homes, but also with houses, apartments and business area that users are only planning to purchase. To better see visualization of the changes in any type of real-estate property you need to take advantage of Floorplanner, incredibly useful service that can directly in your browser enable you to design your perfect home, get 2D or 3D printout and easily tweak your living or work space with few clicks of your mouse. Launched in 2007, Floorplannerv ery quickly became one of the best web tools for creating interactive and eye-catching floorplans online. Great Floor plan design software!

Floorplanner Overview
Floorplanneris one of the most popular web applications that allows anyone to easily create floor plans, both for their existing houses and for apartments that they want to move in some day. By having a precise floor plan created in the manner of minutes, users of all knowledge levels can easily start to decorate those house plans with incredible amount of furniture and very easily create perfect replica of their living space that they can then redecorate. Re-decoration can entail simple moving of furniture from one place to another, introduction of brand new furniture and house materials, or significant changes to the structure of the house (removing walls, adding new windows, doors, staircases, pool…).

To enable everyone to get a perfect hold over all functions of Floorplanner webapp, developers have made a very intuitive and easy to follow 12-step tutorial that will showcase you all tool and all ways how to quickly and productively navigate Floorplanner dashboard and how to finalize your projects. Users are encouraged also to visit gallery section of the site, which showcases three types of plans that were created by this app – Featured plans, Fresh Plans and Published, all featuring incredible variety of content that covers everything from simple sheds to multi-story mansions and commercial buildings with very large footprint.

Editor of Floorplanner enables all those actions to be performed very easily, with full support for building floor plans for several house levels, enabling you to create full visual presentation of your home. During entire creation process, editor can provide you with 2D color printout of your plans, and if you are have access to Floorplanner Pro account you can even create unlimited number of 3D rendered visuals that can be used not only by home users, but also by design firms, rental agencies, marketing firms and many more. Amazing Floor plan design software!

Registration and cost
Free version of Floorplanner allows you to have only 1 active project (each new one costs $4.99), Plus version gives you 5 plans per year for $14.95/year subscription. This limit is even more reduced with Pro version that costs $29/month, giving you 15 plans per month and other unlocks.

No matter if you are home user, student, employee in small or large firm, or marketer, having access to attracting and interactive floor plans can help your daily work and future planning. For all those purposes, Floorplanner represents a tool that you have to have available by your side whenever you planning to tweak anything in your home environment or future real-estate properties.

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