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Flixster - The #1 movie discovery application on the Web

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Flixster Review


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    Flixster Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Flixster is a popular social movie site (Social movie networks) that allows users to comment, share, rate, and discover new movies and people with simmilar tastes as their own. Every movie entry is filled with large amount of interesting information about its cast, crew, with easily readable reviews, ratings and off course trailers. Amazing social movie networks!

With experience that goes back all to 2007, developers of Flixster managed to evolve their product into a social network that is closely connected to one of the best known movie review sites in the world - Rotten Tomatoes. Witch such power under its belt, Flixster represents one of the best social sites for movie fans.

Flixster Review
Online community for sharing film reviews and ratings

Flixster is one of the most popular online communities for tracking information about movie information, reviews, content and more. With years of experience in covering data about movie industry and large community that is visiting and commenting about every aspect of that entertainment business, Flixster represents one of the most useful destinations for learning more about films and connecting with people of similar tastes as yours. Established in 2006 by Joe Greenstein and Saran Chari, Flixster continued to grow during the years, eventually being acquired by Warner Bros in 2011, which cemented its success and popularity with fans who continue to visit it more and more with each month.

Flixster Overview
Flixster was created from the ground up to give everyone the most informative and easy to use experience, without any compromises. Its unique mix of features manages to take the best part of Facebook (presence of communication and sharing in every aspect of Flixster) and Rotten Tomatoes (comprehensive, deep, and easily glancable tools for reviewing and commenting about movies, trailers, cast, crew, etc.).  To enable much easier discovery of films, Flixster shares the databases of all the most famous internet movie streaming services and review sites. This means that you can search films that can be purchased or streamed from iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, Amazon Prime, Netflix Streaming, HBO or even Flixster itself. Support for UltraViolet content is present (redeeming codes that have come with your Blu-ray disc).  As for reviews, you can see rankings made both by Flixster users, and the rankings made by the Rotten Tomatoes, currently most famous movie review site on the internet.

Interface of Flixster is very intuitive and easy-to-use. After logging into your account you will be presented with the main area that will be filled with large thumbnails of the most recent popular film posters. Those posters will visibly have their Rotten Tomatoes score beneath them, and with mouse hover you can instantly see more detailed information about the film – short synopsis, main actors, price of streaming/buying from several movie providers, and quick bookmarking/ranking buttons. On the left of the website you have bar with links to current movies in cinemas, your movie collection list, bookmark of films that you want to see, ratings, page for redeeming UltraViolet codes and page for gifting movies to your friends. Amazing social movie networks!

Dedicated page of each film, has much more information about its internet ranking (both Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes), longer synopsis, general information about movie length, genre, cast, trailers, and easily accessible information about how and for how much you can rent or buy that movie (pricing for each retailer is present).

Registration and cost
Registration of Flixster is possible with three ways – manually using your Email address where you have to confirm your registration by visiting your Inbox, or by connecting your Facebook or Google+ account with Flixster. To enable easier population of your friend list, during registration you can import your friends from Facebook, Google+ and even share your email friend list with Flixster, which will add your friends to your account friend list in mere seconds. There are no in-site purchases, subscription costs and your account will remain active forever for free. Advertisement is present, but is mild and unobtrusive.  

Flixster is a perfect destination for discovering, learning, reviewing, creating your own film database, and purchasing movies, all from one location. Give it a try! Amazing social movie networks!

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