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Flickr Review


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    Flickr Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

As one of the most popular image hosting destination on the web, Flickr also represents one of the best places where you can edit and modify your pictures. Its integrated Picnik editor enables you to preform variety of the adjustments to your pictures that can range from simple red-eye reduction, rotation cropping and resizing, all the way to more complicated exposure changes, color ajusmements and the alterations to focus. Great online photo management just for you!

Flickr Review
One of the largest photo-sharing websites in the world

Image Hosting services represent some of the most popular websites in the world, enabling hundreds of millions of people to easily backup their daily photos, old catalogues of images, newly created art and fun images they have collected from all 4 corners of the web into a singular place that they can visit anytime, manage their images and share them with the world. There are several very popular services of this kind, but one of the most influential was Flickr.

Founded in Vancouver-based companyLudicorp in early 2004, Flickr was quickly acquired by Yahoo in 2005 and promoted heavily online, very quickly attracting very large audience and causing the shutdown of the Yahoo’s old photo hosting service. Over the years, Flickr went though many changes, upgrades and streamlining of its interface.

Flickr Overview
Flickr (also known under its pronounced name “flicker”) is one of the world’s most popular image hosting and sharing platforms in the world, managing to attract dozens of millions of users from all around the world that have managed since 2013 to upload over 3.5 million new images daily. This large cloud-powered platform has become so successful and widespread by enabling their users to have complete control over their image galleries, with integrated support for uploading, image management, cataloguing and online viewing, but all those services were also augmented with rich sharing tools, enabling users to effortlessly share their images, catalogues, embed images and much more. As of 2013, this service managed to host over 6 billion images, with that number rising with incredible rate by steady addition of new ways for users to contact this serviced. In addition to great web interface and dashboard management from inside all modern browsers, Flickr can also be accessed via mobile platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phone (and during 2 year period PlayStation Vita) with support for English and 9 additional international languages.

Each user of Flickr can access this service for free, being awarded with the incredible storage space of 1 TB! This means that you can use this service to easily store 700 thousand pictures with the quality of 5 Megapixels, or over 200 thousand images with high quality settings of 16 Megapixels. This is more than enough for every home user who takes pictures regularly with its smartphone, which represents majority of user base of Flickr. Amazing online photo management!

As you would expect from the modern image hosting service that is focused on image cataloguing, interface of Flickr is extremely intuitive and enables users to have full control over the way their images and managed. Visitors of their profile pages can look at publicly shared images, leave content and share them using integrated promotion tools that support all currently popular social networks.

Registration and cost
Flickr is free for use, enabling up to 1 TB of free storage, 200 MB limited  per image, and will preserve your original files (images of smaller resolution will be automatically generated). Registration process uses Yahoo! logins.

After so many years on the market, Flickr still manages to be one of the most popular apps owned by Yahoo, bringing new users with incredible pace and maintaining its popularity firmly inside top-100 list of most visited websites in the world (according to the rankings from Alexa). Best online photo management!

Flickr Features:

More ways to get your photos online. Multiple ways to upload your photos to Flickr—through the web, your mobile device, email or your favorite photo applications.

See what's going on in your world. Keep up with your friends and share your stories with comments & notes. Add rich information like tags, locations & people.

Your photos are everywhere you are. Upload your photos once to Flickr, then easily and safely share them through Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs and more.

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