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eBuddy Review


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    eBuddy Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

eBuddy Online chat web software is very easy-to-use online mobile messaging service for everyone! With over 30 million unique users and 17 billion messages processed monthly, eBuddy represents one of the most popular messaging service on the internet.

The secret behind eBuddy’s success is its support of all the most popular chat protocols, which enables you to monitor and access to all your favorite chat services and friends in one place. Some of the most notable chat protocols that eBuddy supports are Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, MSN, Facebook Chat, AOL, and many, many more. All of them are collected into one intuitive aggregated interface, enabling you to chat to all of them at once.

In addition to excellent web version, eBuddy is present on all popular mobile devices (iOS, Android, J2ME) which give you the power to remain connected to everyone even when you are on the move.

eBuddy Review
Chat with all your friends on all popular communication networks

Managing your online chat networks can quickly grow out of control, especially if you have accounts on multiple networks that demand from you to be connected to them via separate applications or web interfaces. Such managing large amounts of accounts can lead you to decrease your daily productivity, cause you to be inactive on some of them if you forget to login into them, and to miss some critical chat message if you have to wrestle with all of those active chat programs and browser tabs. Solution for that program is obviously to get some multi-protocol chat application, but even they are numerous.

How to pick one?
Well, you can definitely start form eBuddy, a popular mobile and web messaging service that has direct access to all the most famous chat protocols (MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, AOL, Facebook Chat, and more), and can be used on every modern computing  device and operating system (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7).

Established in 2003, eBuddy managed to become an instant success that gathered incredible userbase, especially on iOS devices where it was embraced by the community with both hands. As of late 2011, eBuddy has over 250 million user accounts.

eBuddy Overview
eBuddy features the easy-to-use interface that can be used to connect to all the most famous chat network, but the best news is that you don’t even have to have a eBuddy account to start contacting your friends. If you have account you will be able to save all your chat credentials and get a faster access to all chat options, and also, you will have ability to create multiple accounts on one chat network. All password and account data that you use with eBuddy are encrypted and protected from foreign intrusions, enabling you to have a piece of mind while using eBuddy on unknown device (internet café, friend’s phone, etc.).

To enable easier handing of large amount of networks and several hundred contacts that you can have, eBuddy prides itself by good contact management tools, search options and several ways of showcasing who is online. The chat process itself is easy, with chat history, emoticons, timestamps, chat tabs for simultaneous management of several conversations, and more.

Interface of eBuddy is focused on simplicity and style, enabling you to have the same fully-featured experience no matter what device you are using. From web interface, PC desktop clients to the smallest phones, eBuddy is perfectly usable and enables effortless communication among all supported communication protocols.

Registration and cost
Account creation on eBuddy is easy and quick. There is no option to log in using your dedicated email account and password, but you must choose to login via MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Google, Aim, Hive or ICQ credentials. If you don’t have one of those accounts from before, you sadly need to create one.

eBuddy offers all of its features to everyone for free, and if you really want it, you can pay for a premium account that has access to more ammoticons and has no ads.

eBuddy is one of the best and most popular multi-protocol chat clients in the world that will definitely give you all that you need if you are less demanding user. However if you want to access more advanced features such as ability to access popular email accounts and get instant notifications from Twitter and Facebook, we recommend you to take a closer look to other solutions, most notably Trillian. eBuddy is an amazing online chat web software!

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