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eBible - Read The Bible online and highlight passages

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eBible Review


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    eBible Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

eBible is an easy-to-use web application that enables you to read Bible online, mark your favorite passages and easily study Scripture in a way it was not possible before.

Currently eBible Free Bible online! supports 23 languages (carefully translated, with each language receiving its own official version), and it has plan to add many more. Intuitive interface, useful tools and ease of access will most surely give all bible lovers great reading experience that they will not find anywhere else.

Highlighting & Notes, Just like a Real Bible
Scribble highlights and notes, just like a real Bible. Annotate just a single word or the whole page. With lots of colors and choices, it's your Bible.

Effortless access to Explanations
Explanations are only one click away. Drag, resize and pin our explain window. It’s always there for you but never gets in your way. It stays pinned to the page, even if you change the page you are on.

Web or Mobile, it goes where you go
Web, iPhone, iPad or Android, it doesn’t matter, you get the same great eBible experience. These apps are fast, smooth and polished. They get you in the word beautifully and quickly.

eBible Review
Your best online destination for everything bible-related!

eBible Overview
eBible is an online destination where people all around the world can gather into one community and interact  talking about most popular book in the world – the Bible. Anyone who visit this site can easily become part of a community where you every question can be answered, and where you can provide your own answers to the question from other people. No matter how well you know Bible verses or history of Christianity, eBible is a perfect place where you can interact with likeminded people, study, research, and access many resources like dictionaries, commentaries and concordances. This website is not really intended for you to read bible online (which was present on it during first few years of its service), but to be an interactive question and answer service that is primarily serving English speaking audience (with a goal of eventually translating entire content of its website to every language in the world).

The eBible Q/A is a place for you to ask questions about God, the Bible and Christianity on Any person in the eBible community can provide an answer to your question. Answers are sorted based on votes. The higher the votes, the further up the page your answer will be. The lower the votes, the lower down the page your answer will be. Free Bible online!

Without an account, you can only browse its database if questions and answers using comprehensive search engine that can filter your query by books and languages. Site features advertising only on Q&A pages, which can sometime create intrusive atmosphere that is clashing with the simple interface of the entire website. With free userprofile you can access much more community options, receive daily inspirational verses, one click bible explanations, and access to iOS and Android accounts.

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