Over 200 Channels of Hand-Picked Independent Music!

Earbits Radio - Over 200 Channels of Hand-Picked Independent Music!

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Earbits Radio Review

Earbits Radio

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    Earbits Radio Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Earbits Online Radio is a great online radio destination that will enable you to experience music in its pure form – with no ads, commercials, and subscriptions. You only get music, without interruptions or complications. Free Online Music Discovery!

Earbits Radio has a very different approach to music than other online services. It offers thousands of albums and bands, but they are all present becauyse Earbits team wanted them to be present. There are no bands that “suck”, and direct communication between Earbits team and musicians enables you to be a part of frequent album giveaways and promotions. Off course, rich music library is only the beginning, because you also have access to all the best radio stations that are pumping great music from all around the world. With Earbits Online Radio you will feel musical freedom like you can’t experience almost anywhere else. Give it a try now!

Earbits Review
Experience handpicked music from best independent musicians

If you don’t want to pay for monthly subscription services that offer music you like, your choices are suddenly very limited. You can always try to listen to internet radio, but there you can’t really control perfectly what you want to listen, and you often need to manage multiple applications if you are moving from one type of device to another. Solution to that problem for some is YouTube which offers tremendous amount of music that is very poorly curated and demands from you a lot of time to create your playlists with content that can appear and disappear at the whim of song publisher. Free Online Music Discovery!

One of the best ways to avoid all problems is Earbits, commercial-free music streaming service that enables to you access more than 550 labels, 10 thousands artists and 100 thousand songs, with great access to the app that is perfectly ported from web browsers to Android, iPhone and iPod touch portable devices. Created from the ground up to enable not only great music listening experience, but also bringing up of fans and bands closer together, this app serves equally both music lovers and music creators.

Earbits Overview
Earbits is a popular music and radio streaming service, marketing platform indented to bring to both consumers and professional users easy way to experience music in a new way. While many other popular services such as Spotify, Rdio and Pandora that have attracted hundreds of millions of users to their monthly subscriptions, Earbits has managed to change that approach by introducing their own virtual currency called “Groovies”. With that virtual currency they have eliminated the need to ask their users to constantly pay subscription from month to month, and instead motivated them to earn virtual coins by simply exploring everything that Earbits has to offer – visit artists pages, see what new musical promotions are active, discover new music, become a member of a band’s official fan page, sign up for artist’s mailing lists and more. That way, content creators become satisfied with increased traffic on their pages, Earbitsdevelopers have more chances to target ads to their community, and users have the freedom to enjoy all Earbits’ features without being forced to pay money.

All of those features would be for nothing if Earbits did not have good selection of content and great user interface that allows users to have good control over their listening preferences. With all these things said, it has become clear that Earbits is service that definitely deserves your attention. After just few minutes with it, you will be happy we recommended it to you. Free Online Music Discovery!

Interface of Earbits is very intuitive, fast and pleasing to the eye. It gives you very clear set of controls which you can adopt in seconds and start using all its features in building your music library. Discovering of new content is simplified not only with great search and category tool, but also with great recommendation engine that will quickly help you to build your playlists.

Registration and cost
Earbits features free registration and use of all of its features, however one important thing can maybe become out of your reach – listening of on-demand music tracks. That action will always take 10 Groovie points from your accounts, forcing you to remain active with Earbits community, earning new points by sharing your favorite tracks on social networks or liking band’s official pages on Facebook. Current breakdown of earning Groovie points is – Registering gives you 500 points, sharing tracks to Facebook or Twitter 100 points, liking band’s page on Facebook or joining their mailing lists 50 points.

Earbits is very impressive music streaming service that gives you easy to use tools, large catalogues, wide variety of music stations with curated content, and ability to easily earn points for listening of on-demand music. And all of that is available across webapp, iOS and Android, enabling you to remain in touch with your music no matter where you are.

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