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Diigo Review


By Diigo, Inc. - Free Basic
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    Diigo Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Diigo is a great social bookmarking website that allows you to quickly and effortlessly bookmark entire pages or simply highlight their text and images and leave sticky notes on their surfaces. This innovative way of annotating web pages is especially useful for student and researchers who are seeking only specific information across large websites in both personal and collaborative projects.

Diigo off course collates all that highlighted and tagged data, offering you the chance to review it in one place, with powerful search options that can help you navigate through collected data. Because of the nature of this innovative service, Diigo needs to be used as a plugin, personal bar or extension of modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer). Portable internet enabled devices such as Android, iPhone and iPad are naturally supported and are integrated completely into Diigo service. Amazing Social bookmarking website!

Diigo Review
Bookmarking website with support for annotation, highlighting and sharing

Diigo is a popular social bookmarking website that has initially created to be a modern take of annotating creation and management. With years of expansion and carefulmanagement, this site has grown into true powerhouse of cloud accelerated tools that enable everyone to gather, manage, rate, discover, collaborate and share any type of internet content. Large community of Diigo has enabled creation of truly impressive database of content, that is used in many ways to enable everyone easier content aggregation and discovery. Content collection is significantly simplified with the presence of internet browser extensions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome, and the presence of Diigo apps on iPad, iPhone and Android portable devices.

Diigo Overview
The main focus of the Diigo is creation of easy-to-use and intuitive stickers, which can be extracted from any internet article. Just highlight the piece of text you want to save (or entire article) and Diigo will remember it on a sticker that you can customize with your own highlighting that will be saved not only on your Diigo.com account, but also on the webpage you have collected it. Because of this feature, you can freely highlight any content you want, and then return on later date to review that content with all your highlights and notes present.

With ability to create your private or public database of content (entire web pages, or just highlighted text from any webpage that you can save and rank by its importance or category), you can very easily gather data for your own entertainment, school assignment, work project and more. To make the process of data creation even easier, you can search for people with similar taste than you and see their gathered content, and Diigo will even automatically find people that you may like by comparing your and their tags and bookmarked articles. Amazing Social bookmarking website!

Some of the very useful additional features of Diigo are ability to subscribe to specific webpage notes, integrated highlight search tool that is placed in a right lick menu that can be called upon no matter on what website or search engine you are, you can create public or private groups so that your collected content can be easily accessed by you and your friends and collaborators, and everything you collect (UTLs , highlights, notes) can be stored, tagged, categorized and shared with one click.

Interface of Diigo offers everyone intuitive access to all of its features, including content management, discovery and sharing. Same is applied to all the apps for iOS and Android portable devices and internet browser plugins that enable much easier content gathering – simply visit the page of your choice and use integrated tools of Diigo extension to create new highlights, comments, stickers, and more.

Registration and cost
Registration process for Diigo is currently totally free, which has attracted a large internet community that is ready to gather, manage and share their content without any additional feature that is offered them via in-site purchase. Registration process can be performed by entering your email address, credentials captcha and manually confirming registration in your email inbox, or with one click by connecting your Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo! account.

No matter if you are internet novice or professional, gathering of data is something we all need to do in one point of our life or another (school assignments, work project, preparation of events with friends, etc.) and Diigo is an intuitive cloud-powered web application that was created from the ground up just for that purpose. To help everyone gather their content easily, manage that information with powerful tools, present your content in a style that is easy to understand, and share everything you want with friends, family and coworkers with a single click of a mouse or touch of your screen. Try it out! Amazing Social bookmarking website!

Diigo can be used for free in an indefinite plan or in several premium plans that give you ability to cache unlimited amount of data.

Diigo Features:

  • Highlight and Add sticky notes on webpages
  • Archive pages forever and make them searchable, too
  • Organize your items by tags or lists
  • Search and Access from anywhere, anytime
  • Share or not share - choice is yours!
  • Build a Personal Learning Network
  • Create a private or public group for your company, class, and team
  • Pool and organize resources using group bookmarks
  • Group sticky notes & group forums are great for discussion
  • Group tag dictionary to enforce tagging consistency

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