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    Digg Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Digg is one of the most popular online communities where people have a chance to discover and share content that was collected from any part of the internet. It features content that was created by some of the most popular online destinations, all the way down to the personal blogs of millions of the people. All that content is voted and showcased by the community of over 3 million monthly visitors.

Shocasing of the best news stories that are submitted to the Digg is done by democratic means. Users themselves vote for best articles, and their popularity brings them up more and more toward the front pages of the site and its various themed sub-groups (Top-News, Buisness, Entertaiment, Lifestyle, Sports, and others). Articles that manage to reach main page of Digg are guaranteed to be viewed and visited by millions, and many online sites strive to make their content newsworthy just to be able to someday be featured on Digg. Social news website!

All the power of the Digg lies in the hands of its users. They can promote (digg), demote (bury) or comment on every news article that is submitted to this large online service. To make the community much more stronger and connected, users can browse their friend activity history and interact freely between each other with text and video.

Digg Review
Home for most interesting stories, videos and pictures on the internet

With the incredible growth of the internet, over the last few years it became almost impossible for a single user to discover everything that he was interested in. Countless sites, blogs, galleries, social networks, all with thousands upon thousands new daily content that would go unnoticed by general internet population if someone would not start collating it into one single location. The site that most successfully managed to do so is Digg. This famous news aggregator has launched in 2004, and ever since then it managed to expand its influence and enable millions of daily users to discover, share and recommend web content with ease, making Digg the center of their internet discovery and place from where other websites need to be if their want to remain popular.

Digg Overview
Digg is a news aggregator website that has acquired its fame by being one of the first Web 2.0 sites that enabled users to fill their database themselves by adding new URLs to interesting web pages, with integrated easy-to-use ability for URL promotion, demotion, commenting, recommendation and sharing. With sole intention of the site to enable easy promotion of online material, users are presented with the ability to choose to “Digg” link they like, promoting in in a chart of other popular links and eventually enabling it to reach the height of popularity by landing the URL on the homepage that hosts variety of most popular URL lists. Each URL is presented with the number of Diggs it received, headline, small image (it one is available), and few lines of text from the article URL is targeting to (article or blog post). After re-launch in 2012, Digg added several more functionalities, of which we have to mention fully integrated ability of sharing content with social networks of Twitter and Facebook. Social news website!

From the moment you land on the main webpage, you will be greeted with the list of the most popular articles collected from variety of themes (News, Entertainment, Tech, etc.). Those articles are presented in a style of large thumbnails with a first few lines of their text, description of category, number of digs it has, and the ability to add your own Digg, save it to your account for later read, and share option for Tweeting and posting the article on Facebook. From main page you can access Top Stories, page Popular that hosts most-shared articles in the last day, and Upcoming page that hosts news articles that have just been posted on Digg and are starting to attract attention from its users. On the top right of the Digg page you can always find quick Search option that can look through entire database of content that Digg has acquired during its entire lifetime. After recent re-launch, every article is assigned into one of 52 tags that range from animal or architecture news to Politics or World news.

Registration and cost is a 100% free website that does not ask money for registration, unlocking of additional content or website features. Because of that it has managed to attract a sizeable internet following, and the slew of copycat sites that have managed over time to gradually lower the amount of traffic this great site receives (its largest competitor is without a doubt Reddit). Registration for Digg does not allow anymore email registration, and instead of that you need to log in using your Facebook or Twitter credentials.

If you like to easily discover internet content, bookmark your favorite finds, share every interesting page with your friends and family, then is a perfect online destination for you. Empowered by the large user base and integrated social elements, everyone can easily start discovering new and interesting things for their enjoyment, school assignment, work project and more.

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