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Delicious - Social bookmarking service for storing, sharing, and discovering!

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Delicious Review


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    Delicious Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Delicious is unique and very easy to use online social service that gives you the power to collect, organize, and share your passions across the web. By using this service you can collect links to websites, pictures, videos, tweets, articles or blog posts and organize them into your own themed stacks that can be easily shared. Great social online bookmarking service!

To start using Delicious you only need to install its small bookmarklet in your browser bar, which will enable you to start adding content into your account. Each link that you add can be personalized with your own comments, marked as a private entry, or be released for sharing with your family, friends or co-workers who can also leave their impressions. You can not only share an individual items, but also entire stacks.

With easy-to-use interface, powerful community options and great use of stacks as a main means of organizing your data, Delicious represents one of the rare must-use cloud based services for everyone who uses internet socially. Go to Delicious now and start a Stack!

Delicious Review
Save, organize and discover links you like on the web

Among countless other solutions for managing online bookmarks of pages and resources, Delicious distinguishes itself by being one of the first sites who entered into this market.  Gathering around itself large community on the very beginning of the Web 2.0 age, this innovative service had its ups and downs from the phenomenal debut to the period of inactivity after it became purchased by a large corporate giant who mismanaged it. History of is well known to many seasoned internet users, but you should also know that this fallen giant is not ready to be defeated, and now offers compelling array of features that enables everyone to effortlessly collect save your discoveries, manage your own personal stacks, and share everything your bookmark with your friends, family and coworkers.

Delicious Overview
Fully based on the latest cloud technology, offers everyone ability to freely browse bookmarks of people you discover, see which bookmarks are the most popular currently and off course create your own free account so that you can start collecting all your websites in one place. To enable easier management of collected data, all bookmarks can be placed into customizable stacks, and every bookmark gets assigned with its related tag, name, social interaction counter (number of rewets for example) and URL source. Integrated import tool will in few simple steps populate your Delicious account with bookmarks made in other apps. Search engine enables you to search all of those data entries, save them for later use or share them with your friends on some of the most popular Social Networks. Great social online bookmarking service!
As the pioneer of the modern online bookmarking services, Delicious has one of the most simple, elegant and intuitive user interfaces that you can find. The basic window of the app will enable you to easily browse your bookmarks, create new stacks, search for bookmarks and share. Stacks are basically playlists or directories for bookmarks (with customizable name and description), enabling you to easily manage large amounts of websites and online content. Inside of each stack, you can customize how to view list of bookmarks, with grid view, list view and fully view that will show you name of the bookmark, full URL and the small thumbnail image of the webpage. Another very useful feature of Delicious is the ability to share not only single bookmarks with your friends, but also entire stacks.

Delicious also features very easy to use Chrome extension that enables you to quickly and with only one click of a button save bookmarks directly into the stack of your choice. Saving process also features ability instantly add tags, notes, set privacy field, and share newly added bookmark to your friends.
Registration and cost
Registration of process of is streamlined to enable easiest possible experience. You can create brand new account by simply using your Twitter and Facebook credentials which will immediately enable much deeper integration of those social networks, but you can also use registration via email address. This last type of registration will require you to solve randomized captcha phrase and confirm manually registration via link in your email inbox. As for cost, absolutely all services of are free and there are no subscription fees or in-site purchases. Once created account will remain active forever, and all users have same level of access to all features of this site. Great social online bookmarking service!

If you are a person that likes to explore the web and keep tabs on most interesting URLs and web content you find, you need to organize large amount of easily-shareable bookmark directories for your school or business project, or you simply need a simple and functional online bookmarking service,you can’t go wrong by using Delicious.

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