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Decor Review


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    Decor Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Decor is an intuitive and easy to use visual editor aimed to provide users with easy way of building their Facebook pages. Utilizing simple drag & drop interface and visual tools, anyone can create professional looking Facebook pages in minutes without any need for coding. When you are done, simply press a button to publish your work on Facebook.
Popularity of Decor Tab Creator did not arrive just because of its easy-to-use interface, but also because of its numerous features that can enrich your page with a click of a mouse button. Decor Tab Creator supports integration with Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Sound Cloud feeds, Flash support, Google Maps embedding, iFrame embedding, Like gates, PayPal payment button, Shop interface, and much more. You don’t even need to start creating your page from scratch. Simply pick an existing template and modify it however you like. Design Fan Pages now!

Decor Review!
Easily create your own Facebook fan page in minutes

No matter if you are a new or old business owner, self-made store owner or even just a ordinary person that wants to be more notice, you need to have a solution for making a eye-catching and engaging Facebook fan page or business page. This process of building such a page can be done with several competing services today, but one of the absolute best one is Decor – professional Facebook page editor that has managed to become famous for its wide array of features and effortless approach to Drag & Drop creation.
Today,Decor is used by thousands of famous businesses and brands from all around the world, who all praise the way this app has approached its building process.  This popularity was gained not only by easy tools and fair pricing, but also by adopting a tactic of code-free editing and using free apps and components that can be easily dragged end dropped into your page. These components include fully integrated widgets for Vine, Instagram, Flash content, Twitter feeds, Google Maps, Sund Clouds, Like gates and more.

Decor Overview
Like many similar services, Decor is fully oriented on giving its users ability to create Facebook fan pages or business pages by utilizing drag & drop interface that can be easily mastered, but can leave you with infinite amount of variability when designing your end product. You can start your creation process either from blank editor page, or by picking one of the many eye-catching templates that range from fun and colorful ones to professional and subdued. Simply browse the column that is filled with objects and layer types, and drag those objects onto the canvas, move and resize them, add you background and images (which can be tweaked, automatically resized to touch nearby objects, mirrored and more), choose text styles and sizes, and tweak everything you want. During every moment of page editing, you can chose to preview your work, and finally publish it when you are satisfied with a click of a button. Design Fan Pages now!

No matter if you are creating just your personal fan page, or your business page that features promotions, e-shops or more, Decor has the tools to make the job done.

Interface of Decor is very intuitive and easy to use, with larger array of tools and features than its competitors, but with approach to design and tool placement that enable everyone to easily control their content creation process. The main editor area is separated in two distinct pieces – canvas (which can be either empty or home of your starting template that you can choose beforehand) and tool column that has several tabs filled with various tools, apps and content packages that you can easily drag to the canvas area. Every piece of content that is placed on canvas can be easily manipulated, with detailed drop down menu options for all of them.

Registration and cost
Decor features free tier of service that can be used indefinitely, but that allows you access to only 1 fan page with one tab. 3 paid tiers start with $4.95/month and go to $49.95 month, all with increasing amount of fan pages and tabs, but all of them have ability to be tested for 14 days for free. Design Fan Pages now!

Decor is a great Facebook fan page builder, with industry leading tools and plugins that enable you to create truly interactive and engaging page that can be used in countless ways - from promotion, interaction, to e-shops and more. Try it out!

Decor’s intuitive drag & drop editor gives you the freedom to design custom Facebook pages by placing objects exactly where you want them.

1. Log in
Connect with your personal Facebook account.

2. Design
Simply drag & drop your design together. No coding is needed.

3. Publish
Publish your design to your Facebook page.

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