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Cloud9 - Write, run and debug your code with powerful cloud IDE

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Cloud9 Review


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    Cloud9 Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

If you are serious programmer with a goal of creating high-end online services and websites, then Cloud9 IDE is a perfect destination for you. Its comprehensive online development environment supports coding in all major programing languages (Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, Ruby and Node.js) with total of 23 supported languages. Debug your code!

Colaborate with others, analyze your code, take a full advantage of cloud architecture, and take full control of your projects by letting Cloud9 to maintain smaller and automated jobs.

Cloud9 Review:
Cloud9 supports more than 40 languages, with class A support for PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Go, and more. Language tools that make you smarter!

Set up your system without any hassle
Simply pick your configuration and develop your app. No need to spend valuable development time on system setup and maintenance. You can create, build and run any development stack in seconds. We maintain it, you control it.

All the freedom you’d expect
Workspaces are powered by Docker Ubuntu containers that give you full freedom over your environment, including sudo rights. Do a git push, compile SASS, see server output, and Run apps easily with the built-in Terminal and Runners.

Clone your whole environment
Do more than just copy and paste your code. With workspace cloning, you make a full copy of your code, environment setup, and tab layout. Duplicating your development environment is as easy as clicking a button.

Built-In Terminal. For command-line wizardry
Run any powerful command on your Ubuntu workspace or on your own VM. Do a git push, compile your app, or tail server output - the Terminal enables any development stack.

Language Tools. Make writing code a breeze
Code Completion suggestions appear as you type to help you code faster and avoid typos. Use the Outline view to better understand your code, and Jump to Definition of variables for easy navigation. Debug your code!

Debugger. Inspect the state of your app
The Debugger enables you to set breakpoints, step over and through, and inspect variables of any JS/Node.js app. Or jump right in to the Immediate Window to execute code in a debugging session.

Configure your own UI
Simply drag any file or Terminal tab around to create as many split views as you like, in any direction. In fact, every part of the UI can be enabled/disabled to your liking.

Make Cloud9 more awesome
Choose from 30+ themes and color schemes that control syntax highlighting and the UI. You can also custom style Cloud9 by editing your stylesheet.

Run any language
Choose from an extensive set of default Runners to execute your app, such as Ruby, Python, PHP/Apache, CoffeeScript, or Node.js. Or run any command in a Run config, including environment variables.  

Muscle-memory FTW!
All keyboard commands can be fully configured, so you don't have to learn a new set of keystrokes. Or simply import a keymap file from a friend. It's like you never switched tools.

Old school meets new school
Used to VIM, Emacs, or Sublime? Simply configure Cloud9 to go into one of these modes to get the best of both worlds.

Looks are everything
Why interrupt your web development flow to edit an image on your machine? Cloud9 also sports an image editor. Resize, crop, rotate, or flip - straight from the browser.

Cloud9 Features Overview:

Real time Colaboration
Experience the awesome productivity of coding together - no matter where you are. Cloud9 IDE now enables developers around the world to edit the same code and chat together in real-time. Developers can pair program, review code, get an audience involved or teach a group of students the art of programming. The way you code together will never be the same again. Debug your code!

Code Completion
Cloud9 brings the depth and sophistication of JavaScript analysis, right to your browser. As you type, code suggestions appear below your code. Hovering over suggestions shows helpful JavaScript and Node.js documentation, so you always know what you’re working with. Free your mind to focus on the big picture and Cloud9 will take care of the details.

Your Workspace in the Cloud
Professionals: welcome to the Cloud9 revolution. With Cloud9 securely attached to a dedicated VM, professional developers and teams experience the full power of development in the cloud. Run the entire breadth of server software on the command-line, from Python to MySQL and everything in between.

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