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Calepin - Publishing for writers who love Markdown and Dropbox

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Calepin Review


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    Calepin Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Calepin is a blogging productivity service and Publishing web tool that enables you to automatically publish articles on your blog or website by reading the plain-text files that are stored on your Dropbox account.

It automatically detects Dropbox files that have freshly arrived or are modified, and converts them into desired text format and publish them without you having to do anything. All you need to do is to write your articels in plain-text format, and put those files in local Dropbox directory on your hard disc. Calepin further more increases your productivity by managing your RSS feeds and enabling you to focus solely on writing.

You will not find the easier way to self-publish articles online!

Calepin Review
Perfect publishing tool for writers who use Markdown and Dropbox daily

If you are a person that wants to maintain your online presence via very simple blog that is focused only on text content, the vast majority of blogging services can be too much complicated to you with features that you will never use. However, there are many people that even don’t want to visit web editors and dashboards, preferring to write their text blogs in both short and long form with programs that they were learned to use years of decades ago.
One of the innovative blogging services that allow people to do just that is Calepin. It enables everyone to create beautiful, interactive and unique blogs with integrated hosting, template control, and widgets (Flicker, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious), but the way you insert new content entries into your blog is quite strange – you just place a text file that contains your article formatted with Markdown code language inside your Dropbox, and in mere seconds new blog entry will be published.
You literary can’t find blog tool that is simpler than that!

Calepin Overview
Calepin is a blogging service that gives you the opportunity to just setup your site and then to never visit its dashboard. Simply, write your articles in any text editor your like, add formatting options using Markdown, and simply place the text file inside your Dropbox directoryusing UTF-8 encoding. That’s all.  For many people around the world, this interesting approach to blog publishing will bring increased productivity and ability to start creating content with ease, without the need to learn the quirks of online text editors, blog dashboards and more. The only thing that you need to remember is to save file in your Dropbox using the extension .md. If you want to take full advantage from the excellent formatting language Markdown, you can also insert images manually in your article, using either Markdown or any formatting option that HTML offers (or you can even use Markdown editors for your PC, likleMarkdownPad for PC, Byword for Mac, Elements for iOS). Sadly that would mean that you will have to also manually upload pictures to some free image hosting service which is not intuitive and time saving.
Design of your Calepin blog page can be tweaked, but the default theme offers very nice looking minimalistic approach that will attract people who want no-nonsense blog posts and easy and intuitive tools for community interaction. Commenting can be enabled by simply connecting your Twitter or Disqus accounts inside Calepin.

Calepin Interface
Interface of Calepin is very minimal and beautiful, managing to give every user access to a blog that is focused on your own content and nothing else. There is only one theme available, forcing you to differentiate yourself by the quality of your content and not by appearance of your blog. Because you will have such little contact with configuration options of Calepin, little can be said about the design of the site. Majority of your interaction with it will be placed inside your favorite text editor on your desktop PC, tablet or smartphone (as long the text is saved in UTF-8).

Registration and cost
Calepin is 100% free service, enabling you to start posting your blog mere seconds after you have created your new account and connected it with your Dropbox.

If you are interested on becoming blogger but you are not interested in advanced options, Calepin will be perfect for you. Its simplicity will enable you to publish content quickly, work inside your favorite text editor, and enable you to promote your content by the strength of your storytelling and not by the technical features of your blog. Calepin is a great blogging productivity service and Publishing web tool! Enjoy!

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