Create Your Own Mixes of Music right from the Internet

Audiotool - Create Your Own Mixes of Music right from the Internet

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Audiotool Review


By Audiotool Team - Free
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    Audiotool Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Audiotool is easy-to-use online software that will enable you to create excellent sounding themes and songs directly in your browser.

With intuitive and modular interface, you will be able to customize your workspace in a matter of seconds and start producing music in an environment that will agree to your taste. Tools of this free online service are nothing short from amazing – your will have access to wide variery of drum machines, synths, samples,  over 15 effects and many other features that will make your music creation process more streamlined and fun. Amazing online music creation tool!

With help from large community, good tutorials, and comprehensive information from the Audiotool’s wiki, even the beginners in the world of music will have an easy time to express their creativity. And all of that is offered to you for free, straight from your browser tab.

Audiotool Review
Create phenomenal music straight from your browser

In the previous few years internet and portable devices such as smartphones and tablets have become home of the dozens of musical editors that have enabled musicians of all knowledge levels (from complete novices to seasoned professionals) to remain in touch with their musical ambitions no matter where they are. However, if you want to create serious music and not only short amateur experiments, your choices are limited. You can choose using industry giants like Garage Band, Logic and AudioSauna, but the true revolution in the way music is created can today be found only with innovative Audiotool.

After being launched under the name Hobnox, Audiotool managed to grow to its current state where over 500 thousand users have used it to create over 200 thousand tracks and 44 million song plays. This was further more enabled by focus of Audiotool on being not only music creation tool, but also content distribution and publication destination where users can socialize, discover and listen music that is created on all four corners of the world.

Audiotool Overview
While many other audio tools have centralized dashboards with elements that can be turned on or off (usually new tabs or windows that you can call up when you need them), Audiotool manages to move to a totally different way of visual music creation. Here, you entire music pipeline is graphic, enabling you to take emulated devices you want to use  (instruments, dashboards, effects) and place them on your work area, and connect them with audio cables. That way you can create whatever production dashboard as you like, zoom in and out and control each of its individual elements by simply clicking or dragging their buttons osr levers.

Audiotool can emulate Roland TR-808, Roland TR-909, Roland TB-303, Tenori-on, sample based drum machine, arpeggiated synthesizer, polyphonic phase modulation synthesizer, and wide range of effect modules such as Pulverisateur, Machiniste, Bassline, Master Output, Tonematrix, Splitter/Merger, Crossfader, Graphical EQ, Exciter, Stomp Boxes, and many others. In addition to that, users can have in depth look at sample sequencing, with tools for Note Regions, Automated Regions, Audio Region, and more. Amazing online music creation tool!

To enable everyone to take full advantage from incredibly detailed and powerful tools that are offered in Audiotool, you can visit more than 10 in-depth tutorials that cover everything from working with audio tracks and effects, to advanced techniques that can enable your music to really shine.

Interface of Audiotool is very modern and sleek, enabling you to control your music creation process. The bottom part of the dashboard is taken up by main controls, which show you your sample layers and basic playback controls. Left side is home for modules and samples,which you can drag and drop to the main work area that takes majority of the screen. Modules are separated into several categories (Drums, Synths, Tools and Effects), while samples can be searched by name and speed, favorite for easier sorting, and searched by their past usage (everything that you have used at one point on another will be remembered here).

Registration and cost
Audiotool is completely free for use. You don’t even have to create a new account to test every piece of functionality it has to offer. However, if you want to save your music in the Audiotool’s social network storage, you need to have an account. New account can be made with valid email address or by using your Google and Facebook credentials. Great online music creation tool for FREE!

Audiotool is free to use, powerful and easy to use music editor that is today used by DJs from all around the world. We fully recommend it.

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