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AudioSauna Review


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    AudioSauna Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

AudioSauna is a free webapp and fully-featured audio workstation that can brings the power of audio composing and processing to your browser. With its asy-to-use and straightforward UI, users with all levels of experience of music creation will be able to quickly create their audio masterpiece. Online audio workstation for free!

AudioSauna features advanced polyphonic synthesizers, live effects, samplers, and all the most popular options for recording, writing, editing and mixing of music.

AudioSauna Review
Free webapp for creating songs online

With the advent of internet, cloud services and always-connected web applications, many of the traditional offline-based content creation apps have started and finished their move to the online space. One of the places where this move has been very evident was the in the field of music creation, that enabled people from all around the world to move their entire pipeline for creating, editing, mixing, publishing and promoting of their music to the cloud, enabling musicians to remain in touch with their creativity no matter where they are or what modern internet-enabled device they are using.

One of the most popular online synthesizers and samplers of today is AudioSauna, a fully featured audio workstation that can be used for creation of audio tracks that know no limits. It offers everyone chance to use industry leading tools, two synthesizers and one of the web’s most powerful samplers for absolutely free, enabling both novices and seasoned professionals the way to express themselves with music. Online audio workstation for free!

Launched in 2011, AudioSauna evolved significantly over the past few years, introducing new tools, visual design, and attracting hundreds of thousands of users who use it daily as their primary music studio. And all of that is offered to everyone for free!

AudioSauna Overview
There are many music creation tools on the internet, but AudioSauna manages to differentiate itself by offering everyone access to truly professional tools. While others offer few dozenways to optimize your sound, AudioSaunaaims for professionals that want full control over their music creation process, which is also very useful for novices that want to learn how modern music is created. Because of this AudioSauna is today regarded as one of the most sophisticated audio tools on the market, bringing more and more professional users to its fold every day.

What does AudioSauna offer to everyone? It has great Virtual Analog Synth with two oscillators, Frequency Modulation Synth, Sampler that supports layering (you can import your own MP3 and WAE sounds), greatly designed Mixer, support for tape delay and reverb, Layer editor, piano note tool, powerful editing tools, and advanced sampler that will blow you away with its tools and features.

AudioSauna really can’t have better interface than the one it has now. From the moment you fire up its powerful music dashboard, you will be welcomed with the professional and no-nonsense design that allows you easy access to all of its tools and features. All the sections of your production studio are placed in great positions, with easy way to switch from one tool to another (sampler, keynote tool, main dashboard, and more.

Registration and cost
Everyone can use AudioSauna for free, even without creating new account! Simply visit its website and click on the button “Open Studio!” to load music creation dashboard. If you are user of Chrome browser (and its clones), we recommend you to use free extension that will move music dashboard much closer to your daily use, enabling you to access it with one click of your mouse.

There are many music creation tools on the internet, but AudioSauna defiantly manages to differentiate itself with its focus on professional production, powerful tools and incredibly great value. It’s free to use, easily accessible, and ready to be used no matter where you are. Try it out! Online audio workstation for free!

AudioSauna Features:

AudioSauna sets a new standard for the quality of audio synthesis in the cloud.

Quality Filters   
All instruments feature various filter types including LPF and HPF.

Built in Effects   
Multiple effects including: Distortion, Chorus, Bitrate, Reverb and Delay.

Well-thought Presets   
Soft strings, fat basses, vintage organs and screaming leads. AudioSauna has it all.

Jam With Keyboard   
Use your computer's keyboard to play and record melodies with Audiosauna.

Microstepping sequencer with advanced editing features.

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