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Annotary Review


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    Annotary Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Annotary is an easy-to-use web application that will transform the way you work with bookmarks. Enabling much greater level of control of taking bookmarks and social sharing of bookmarks, Annotary enables everyone to smartly gather, manage and share information. You are not limited to bookmarking webpages just like you are used to, but also pieces of text from pages, notes, organize your bookmarks into database that can be shared with friends or colleagues, access your data from any computer or portable device, collaborate with team members and build your knowledge with ease. Amazing Bookmarking online tool!

Annotary Review
Smart bookmarking, highlighting and notetaking service for everyone

There are many bookmarking and notetaking services on the web, but they are usually either totally aimed at professionals (like Evernote) or they offer just a basic service that does not fit all your need. Evernote is great for notetaking, but it can be used in collaborative environment only if you are very imaginative, patient and willing to go through all of its hurdles that if gives to you and your work partners. If that makes you frustrated, don’t worry. You are not the only one.

To save you from frustrations, developers of Annotary have created the most simple and feature-full way to get all your notetaking, bookmarking or highlighting needs directly from one place. With it you will forget about Evernote, Scrible or similar services, and start enjoying simplicity that Annotary can provide no matter what you want to do with it – bookmark sites, highlight the pieces of text from it, add sticky notes to websites, collaborate with people with unparalleled ease, and more!

Annotary Overview
When you arrive on Annotary website you will be asked to create new free account, either by providing your valid email address, first and last name, desired username and password, or by signing up via Facebook if you have an account there. Then you can install the browser extension if you are user of Chrome, Firefox or Safari (Internet Explorer and other browsers are not supported) and that’s it. Now, you can go to the internet and start collecting bookmarks, highlighting text, adding notes and more. Bookmarks are made by simply choosing the name for each page, providing optional description, and placing that bookmark inside any of your collection directories.  After saving that page, you can access highlighting and note creation tools. Be aware that you can only highlight text, and not images and videos. However you can create note close to those objects, and that way mark anything that can be an interest to your school project, research or work assignment. Amazing Bookmarking online tool!

All of your bookmark collections can be shared with your friends effortlessly. They can browse through URLs where you have highlighted content, and you can see what they are doing. You can share content one with another with incredible ease (or even create group of friends, so that you content is automatically shared with your workgroup), which will be great news for computing novices that are not used to preform complicated tasks. Annotary definitely needs to be commended for creating such a easy system for collaboration and sharing.

Interface of Annotary is modern and slick, enabling you to work fast and easily access all navigation and bookmark management options.  We can’t find any fault with it, and are sure that both computing novices and professionals will have great time with it. Process for bookmarking, adding notes, sharing, collaborating and reading other people’s highlights and notes is intuitive and fast, as it should be.

Registration and cost
Annotary is 100% free, with streamlined account creation process (email signup or login via Facebook credentials).

You will have to look really hard to find a online bookmarking, notetaking, highlighting and collaborating service that is easier, more feature-full and cheaper than Annotary. Because of all that is manages to do, this service definitely deserves your attention, especially if its developers decide to add support for highlighting non-text media. Great Bookmarking online tool!

Annotary Features:

Evolve Your Bookmarking
Our intuitive browser extension offers an easy method to bookmark, highlight, and take notes while you research on the web without disturbing your work flow.

Evolve Your Information Management
Organize your web content into thematic collections on that can be private, shared with a team, or public to the world.

Evolve Your Analysis
Access your work from any computer and review your notes and highlights now or later.

Evolve Your Collaboration
Annotary makes it easy to share bookmarks and analysis with others. Invite other users to your collections and allow your team to add, edit, learn, and build upon your work.

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