Creating a beautiful and personalized web pages - Creating a beautiful and personalized web pages

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  • Details: Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives is a free personal web hosting service that offers to everyone ability to create one centralized webpage that will hold information about them, their history, personality, contact links, and shortcuts to their presence at popular internet social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and others.

Using easy-to-use editor, you will be able to create personalized, unique and beautiful page that will serve as the base of your public profile. has all tools and features to promote personal homepages, business owners, people in search of jobs, and everyone else. Review
Create stylish personalized homepage presence so that anyone can contact you!

Today, when someone looks for you on the internet, he may find several social networks pages, or maybe several other mentions of you at various blogs and websites. If you want to avoid that to happen when people search for you, then you need to start thinking about creating your own online profile that can be used  as a centralized landing page where you can always control your messaging, inform people about your current employment, interests, and all the relevant information about your history, education, and the ways they can contact you online (direct contact, social networks, blogs, etc.). Using this approach you can leave all your contact info and relevant data about you in one place, leaving visitors the chance to easily find your other online destination where they can find you.
One of the best online services for that is without any doubt Created in 2009, this site immediately started growing with fascinating rate, enabling everyone to create beautiful, simple and highly personalized web presence for themselves. Overview
The basic function of is to give you the centralized page where you can start building your online presence. This public profile can be viewed by everyone, enabling you to easily share the employment data when you are seeking for a new job, or to promote your job to anyone who is interested in following your career. This move can easily help you to build more awareness about your history, interest and job, which is also very useful if you want to promote your business with the entire internet. is not a social networking site. It is a place where you can create your profile that will remain static, with changes being implemented only when you want to do so. Simply create your online presence by picking one of the many eye-catching templates, modify the appearance of your page so that it best fit your personality (don’t worry, one of the reason managed to become so popular is because it requires of you to know zero coding or even design), and publish it for free so that entire world can get to know you, and access all your social network accounts from that single page.

Interface of is very professional, immediately conveying you the feeling that this service is aimed to be used by professionals and people who are serious about their online profiles. While other resume websites can have a touch of youthfulness and adventure, seems to have more mature atmosphere that encourages you to create a profile that you will be proud to share not only to your friends and family who already know you well, but also to the entire internet and the future employers who will look seek in your profile higher standards of taste and content.

Registration and cost is a service that wants to grow and become even more popular, and because of that you don’t need to pay anything to create new account and publish your online profile. Creation of new account is done either via valid email address, or by using your Facebook or Twitter credentials. If you want to host your profile page on a new custom domain, you can arrange that directly from the app for a small fee.

Conclusion is a great service for creating a online profile page. It’s simple to use, you only have to create one page with few interesting bits about you, and insert your social connections so that you can be reached by everyone. Creating a beautiful and personalized web pages!

Benefits of using

Build Your Online Presence
It’s a great place to start, or improve your presence on the web.

Public Profile
Your public ID online. Visitors don't have to sign up to see any of your information.

Market Your Business
Drive awareness for your business with a simple, beautiful page.

Helps in a Job Search
Give your applications a personal touch by adding your URL.

Personal Homepage
No need to know code or build your own site. is free and easy to set up.

Central Point of Contact
Stay organized by putting all your links in one place.

Beautiful page templates, formatted for every device, so you always look great. Show and tell the world who you are, what you do and where you're headed. Share your page with the world and cast a spotlight on what you love. Create a beautiful and personalized web pages Now! Enjoy!

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