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8tracks Review


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    8tracks Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

8tracks is the best place to make and discover playlists! Listen for free to millions of playlists, all lovingly handcrafted by people like you who know and love music. Pick a top playlist below, or explore playlists by artist, genre, or activity above. Looking for something more specific? Search over 2 million playlists by genre, mood, and artist. Make and discover playlists now!

8tracks Revew
Best online destination for music discovery!

There are many music oriented web publishing,sharing, and listening platforms today that have taken cues from some earlier projects, added their own spin to that idea, and created modern service that can enable millions of people to listen music in new and fresh ways. is also one of those sites, but its inspiration came from one unusual source – controversial music sharing platform Napster, more specifically its “Hotlist” feature that enabled users to easily share their playlists, and invite new users to come visit their profile where they can get informed (and in Napster’s case get access and download) music that they like.

8tracks took that idea and morphed it into a modern form where playlist sharing, promotion, discovery and listening is perfectly legal, much more streamlined and better suited for modern users who demand access to music not only on their home PC-s, but also perfectly synced music experience on wide variety of portable devices. This, and many other useful features are at the core of 8tracks, and that makes it very attractive to people who just want an easy way to broadcast their tastes and discover new music.

8tracks Overview is an innovative social networking and internet radio online destination that has managed to distinguish itself by offering its regular users and new visitors new twist in the way they discover, organize and consume their music. While many other services are offering either direct building of you library (song by song, or album by album), access to customized radio stations that are created according to your tastes, or even just plain and simple access to internet radio stations, 8tracks gives you the ability of creating and streaming your own playlists. This way you can broadcast your tastes, discover exactly what other people are listening, and be introduced to new music on a daily basis.

There are very little limitations that we can found with 8tracks service. Even if you don’t pay for premium subscription tier, you will get access to majority of its function, and very little advertisements that will be in the way between you and your music. Premium accounts however bring nice bonuses, such as total removal of ads, several DJ-focused tools, visual profile customizations, unlimited uploads, and traffic analytics that can help you to see exactly how bug impact are you making in 8tracks community. With all those tools and features, fair pricing and great music catalogue (which is directly integrated into vast database of music giant SoundCloud), you definitely need to take close look at this great service.

Interface of is very modern and sleek, enabling everyone to easily manage their profile, discover new music and engage with community both on 8tracks make and discover playlists site and on external social networks, whose promotion tools are directly integrated into every corner of the site. 8tracks uses nice combination of dark blue,black and white color scheme, which is used as background of this entire music network. Make and discover playlists now!

Registration and cost
8tracks offers majority of its features for free, but it has premium subscription tier for users that want to get rid of ads and get access to some of the more advanced features. This premium tier costs $25 per six months ($4.16 per month). New account can be created with email, Facebook or Google+ credentials.

8tracks manages to surprise us by simplicity in which users can create their own playlists, discover new music and share your tastes to the entire world. It’s fast, intuitive, free and most importantly, has a great music library that you can instantly put into use and listen to great music no matter where you are. Make and discover playlists now!

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