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500px Review


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    500px Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

500px is a photo community and marketplace for discovering, sharing, buying, and selling inspiring photography powered by creative people around the world. Share your photos with the world! From mobile photographers to professionals, 500px has the products and features to take your photography to the next level. Follow some of these recommended photographers to start filling up your feed with inspiring photos. Sign up for free to start building your home feed. Follow your friends and photographers to see when they upload new photos. The Premier Photography Community!

500px Review
Best place on the web for sharing professional photos!

If you are serious photographer or you wanting to become one it is important that you find online outlet where you can showcase your abilities in best light, surrounded with like-minded people that can appreciate your efforts and provide you with instant commentary about your work. Best places to find just that are not successful social networks, or even worldwide-known image hosting sites, but sites that are focused on proving photographers with place where they can stand in a spotlight.

One of the best places on the web for just that is 500px, innovative photo hosting service that is allowing only posting of images of all image sizes but claiming that 500pixels of with is enough to showcase composition and quality of photos.

500px Overview
500px (pronounced as “five hundred pixels”) is one of the more innovative online photography communities that has managed to insert itself in the top-1500 most visited websites in the world by not promising countless free services and hosting terms to anyone, but by trying to provide photography lovers a place where they can gather, give each other inspiration and most importantly get streamlined and immediate access to pictures that were curated by the 500px moderation team. Because this service is trying to promote top of the line photography, free users have only 20 free slots to upload images per day. Out of those images, they could hope that only few will be worthy enough to be selected to be published on the site. This approach keep site free from clutter, focusing only on high quality photos that were created both by amateurs and professionals.

Main page of the site promotes only two things. Registration that is opened to anyone who is willing to test himself against works that are posted by the large 500px community and free gallery section that features recently promoted and highly rated images (as the name of the site hints, all images that are hosted on the site are just 500 pixels wide, which is by the words of site creator Evgeny Tchebotarev more than enough to convey the quality of pictures) that are ranked not only by their popularity, but also by Freshness (originality, Upcoming photographers, Editor choice, Must See Photo lists and more.

Interface of 500px is on one hand very minimalistic, but it manages to convey great sense of professionalism and easy navigation. Gallery section of this site easily showcases all the listed photos, their ratings, and single-click tools for sharing those photos on popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest). Individual pages of images offer large version of that image, description, and detailed technical listings about place and camera that took that photo. Users can also buy prints of photos, download images (size selected by image owner) and license photos. The Premier Photography Community!

Registration and cost
Free version of 500px service allows 20 uploads per week and is free forever. Premium subscriptions costs $25 per year or $75 per year, offering unlimited uploads and in case of pricier tier ability to create personal portfolio, subdomain and track detailed Google Analytics of image traffic.

If you are enthusiastic about photography, you want to share your works with the world or you want to find inspiration you have to visit 500px right now and see incredible library of pictures that will change the way you think about photography.

500px Features:

See the latest work from the people you follow.

Personalized to your taste
Follow the people who take the photos you love the most.

Show your love
Like and comment on your friend's photos right away.

Keep discovering
See similar photographers to follow and keep your feed fresh.

Stay inspried
Check out links to awesome trending ISO articles to read.

Don't miss anything with the 500px for iOS and Android apps.

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