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Twitter Review


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    Twitter Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Twitter is a revolutionary social network service that currently enables over 500 active users to generate real-time conversations in an easy-to-use, fast and intuitive environment. Even though messages (better known as Tweets) are limited to only 140 characters, you would be surprised how much stories, ideas and opinions can be placed in such small form factor that promotes fast reading and easy following of the conversations. Social and microblogging service!

With Twitter you will be able to experience the power of instant messaging like never before and stay in touch with your friends and family by using almost every internet connected device that is currently available on the market, from PC’s to mobile phones, tablets and video game consoles.

Twitter Review
Microblogging social network that conquered the world!

Revolution comes in many shapes and sizes, but nobody could have predicted that the brand new way of interacting with people could create such a impact on a modern society that has already be adjusted to the wonders of the real-time communication. But Twitter managed to do just so, dramatically changing the way how we interact in real time via the internet. How did they do it? With smart tools, smart design, infinite reach and solid base built on one of the most influential ideas ever to be introduced into the world of social networking – microblogging. This one word managed to change the way over 200 million users interacted with their friends, family, co-workers, famous celebrities, brands, companies, news sources and entertainment.

Established in 2006, Twitter grew from PC-only communication website to the behemoth that can be today found in every smartphone, tablet, console and even television set, and its innovative way of promoting events (#hashtags and @usernames) can be seen in marketing, TV shows, films, market research, and more. Social and microblogging service!

Twitter Overview
Twitter fully embraces the term microblogging, enabling users to send messages that are maximum 140 characters long. That forces uses to be concise and on point, eliminating long form discussion. Users can follow one another, send each other private messages and reply on individual tweets, making a conversation thread like the ones present in the famous Gmail email client. Because this structure enables easy following of the status of other accounts, everyone can get subscribed on how many news streams they like, getting real-time updates from people who are updating their profile in real time using mobile phone (great for public events and trips), get insight into the lives of the famous people and receive news from world’s most influential and well respected broadcasting sources.

Interface of Twitter is intentionally made to be as simple as possible, with main page that gives you the latest developments coming from your subscribers (people you are following). There you can also click on the individual posts and see if they are part of the longer conversation, write new tweets or retweet some existing ones. Profile of each user is customizable with background image, short descrioption of who you are and optional avatar icon. Profile can also be switched from public to private, so that only your friends can see what you are posting. Social and microblogging service!

Registration and cost
Twitter managed to attract so many users by opening its gates to everyone with free and easy registration. All that you need to create new account is valid email address and the username that is not already taken. In mere seconds your account can be activated and you can start contacting twitter community.  As with free account, the remainder of Twitter experience is also absolutely free, and only rarely you will encounter any advertising in the form of “promoted tweets”.

Twitter is an amazing social network which has managed to completely change the landscape of modern communication via internet. If you are interested in following theyour friends, receive updates form famous people and communicate in real time with entire world, then Twitter is a perfect for you!

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