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Tuenti Review


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    Tuenti Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Tuenti is an invitation-only private social networking website for young Spanish language people who want to maintain close relationship with their friends and colleagues from universities. Named after the Spanish term “tu enti[dad]” (spoken in English similarly like the word “twenty”) which means “your identity”, this social service provides excellent tools for connecting people from Spanish speaking countries. Also, it managed to create environment in which large and intrusive advertisements are totally absent.

If you are lucky enough to receive invitation to this private social experience, you will be welcomed with great communication options, simple UI and powerful search engine that will instantly lead you with the group of friends for chat and socialization. It features easy to set-up profile, photo uploads, links to video sites, chat application, event planner, and much more. Private Social Networking Website!

Tuenti Review
Most popular Spanish social network that unites millions of people

Tuenti is a one of the Europe’s fastest growing social networks, targeted to serve mostly people speaking in the Spanish language. Founded in Madrid in 2006, this once small and local social network has managed to grow to the size of 15 million users even though it has restrictions on its registration process – you can only get in if you have invite. Offering its users many tools that can be found in other social networks, Tuenti managed to distinguish itself by offering fully-featured and integrated support for location based service that is today used by its entire user base. This move that came right during the time when location based online social interactions started being popular enabled this Spain-based social networking service to expand greatly and earn its nickname as “Spanish Facebook”. The name Tuenti means “your identity” and is spoken most similarity to the English word “twenty”.

Tuenti Overview
Features of Tuenti are not that dissimilar with those of Facebook.  Things like a profile pages, wall of activity, friend lists, photo galleries, private messages and chat are all well-known and designed to look similarly like Facebook, but one difference that is very much worth mentioning is Tuenti Places ( “TuentiSitios” in Spanish). This location based feature enables every user to create new location on the map of the world and a corresponding page that is filled with the pictures, vides, descriptions and community chat about that place. This addition gives significant amount of value to experience of using Tuenti. Private Social Networking Website!

Similar design, layout and visual style enables everyone who has used Facebook to immediately start using Tuenti with ease. Significant change of that formula is not present.

Registration and cost
Tuenti is 100% free to use, it has minimal advertisements that are very much targeted to the Spanish speaking community, and all of its features are available to everyone. However you cannot perform registration without invitation from one of its users. It is not known when will Tuenti fully open its registration page for everyone.

Spanish speaking internet audience already know all the virtues of Tuenti that has managed to promote itself as excellent alternative to Facebook. If you are interested in joining this massive community, start your hunt for a invite and enjoy yourself in presence of your friends and family!

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