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Date: - By Articulate Global, Inc - Free

With ever increasing need to maintain real-time connections to the people you love, friends and coworkers, your own computer desktop and workplace programs started feeling a similar need. Thankfully, one of the programs that can greatly help you to instantly connect your desktop to countless other people is Screenr, innovative cloud based webapp that can take a screenshot or a video feed of everything you are doing on your computer.

All that is needed for Screenr to work is for you to visit its website and install small java browser plugin. From that point on, your desktop can become film canvas for your screenshots or videos. You can easily define what section of desktop will be filmed, with easily adjustable borders.

Recording process is extremely easy and straightforward, with options for pausing recording, re-watching filmed material, and automatic publishing via popular social networks, such as Twitter.

Don’t let the distance between you and your friends or co-workers prevent you doing your work. Screenr is free, easy to use, and will most surely enhance your productivity and the quality of your work.

Why Create Screencasts?

  • Share your knowledge on Twitter and Facebook
  • Reveal tips, tricks and software shortcuts
  • Showcase the ins and outs of new products and apps
  • Build brand and expert reputation
  • Embed video tutorials on sites and blogs