Pastebin is a website where you can store text online

Pastebin - Pastebin is a website where you can store text online

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Pastebin Review


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    Pastebin Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Pastebin is one of the most popular online services for uploading ad hosting text snippets and online paste tool. This unique feature is usually very popular with the programmers, where little pieces of source code need to be quickly published for public viewing. Also, many users of various real-time chat services have embraced pastebin as a way to quickly post large amounts of text, and reserve chat regular chat flow without large texts that get in the way. Such tradition can now be found on Twitter and IRC.

If you are in need for streamlined text sharing service, or you feel that sharing via email is cumbersome and slow, try pastebin. You will not be disappointed. Great online paste tool!

Pastebin Review is a website where you can store any text online for easy sharing. The website is mainly used by programmers to store pieces of sources code or configuration information, but anyone is more than welcome to paste any type of text. The idea behind the site is to make it more convenient for people to share large amounts of text online.

When you create an account you get your own Pastebin. This means you can now store pastes and have full control over them at any point in the future. Having your own Pastebin is also great for sharing your pastes with others. Your Pastebin is both public and private at the same time. Your public pastes are visible to everybody while the private ones are only visible to you.

How do folders work?
Folders are only available to PRO users. When you create a new paste, simply select the folder where you want the past to be posted in. If you click the + symbol, you can also create a new folder, and the paste will then be placed into that folder. When editing a paste you can move/remove a paste from a folder. Great online paste tool!

Who can see my folders?
If a user creates a folder, and puts 'public' pastes in that folder, to others, those pastes will show up in the root folder of that Pastebin account. However, for the logged in user who created the folder, those pastes will show in the folder they were put in.

Who can see my pastes?
If you create a public paste (public by default), your paste will show up for everybody in the menu on the right and on the archive pages. You can also create unlisted pastes, these items will be invisible for others unless you share your paste link. If you are a member of Pastebin you can also create private pastes. These items can only be viewed by you when you are logged in and are therefor password protected. Search engines will only index public pastes.

Do my pastes stay online forever?
That depends on you. You decide if you want your pastes to "expire". Setting an expiration date will automatically remove the paste after a certain amount of time. Also, as a member you can always delete your pastes whenever you like.

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