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Kongregate - Play thousands of free web and mobile games! Discover the best games!

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Kongregate Review


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    Kongregate Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Kongregate is a web gaming portal owned by Gamestop Corporation. Play thousands of free web and mobile games! Discover the best shooters, role playing games, MMO, CCG, tower defense, action games and more!

Kongregate Review
Point your browser to over 110 thousand online games!

During the last 20 years, internet was used from anything form sharing information, direct communication between users, e-shops, education, e-business, automation of work and much more, but during all that time, video games managed to find home directly into pages of our browsers. With no need of installing any standalone clients, no plugins, no add-ons, gaming inside browser become one of the most popular past-times for hundreds of millions of people all around world.
If you want to spend your free time being invested into some of the best web games of all time, you need to visit Kongregate.

This gaming portal managed to surpass many others not only with the great interface and catalogue of games, but also on great focus on social interactions between its community members. There users can not only talk, compare scores and achievement badges between themselves, but they can also upload their own videogames! Play free games online!

Kongregate Overview
Kongregate is one of the most popular online gaming websites that has built its reputation not only by publishing games by established studios or making distribution deals with other publishers (which is common occurrence on many similar gaming websites) but also by allowing their own user base to upload their own homemade videogame made in all popular multimedia programming languages (Adobe Flash, Shockwave, Java, HTML5, JavaScript and Unity 3D). This crowdsourced aspect of the site is even more heightened by the large presence of community tools and services, which enable not only easy communication both on site and on the very popular forum and engagement inside video games themselves, but also effortless game rankings, showcasing of achievements, and more.
With several thousand of best games created from anyone between one man teams to best known gaming teams on earth, Kongregate represents web destination that can make you free time disappear. Most of the games on Kongegrate are completely free (collecting money from advertisements or micro-transactions), although some may require you to purchase level packs. Users can experience gaming both as free members or as premium Kong Plus members, which gain access to more profile skills, beta access to new games, private chat service and ad-free gaming experience.

Kongregate has more than 7 years of experience in providing great gaming content to users from all around the world, making a perfect place for all your web-based gaming needs.

Interface of Kongregate is very well defined, with main page that enables easy navigation of the most popular and featured content. All games are represented by a small icon, name, and maximum of two genre descriptors (mentioning not only basic genres, but also details such as Bike, Penguin, Pixel, Mouse only, Time management…).  Game pages are organized much better than on other similar services, with clear distinction between game area, description, recommended games, and comment section.  

Registration and cost
Games can be played for free on Kongregate, although some games have premium content that needs to be purchased with Kredcredits. Those points can be earned during gaming, or purchased in Kongregate web-store. Premium subscription called Kong Plus removes advertisements and enables better profile customization.

As one of the top 1500 most visited websites in the world, Kongregate represents one of the best online destinations that you have to consider visiting whenever you feel an itch for online gaming. Play free games online now!

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