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Date: - By, inc - Free Basic is a fantastic cloud based service that will allow your site, project, product or business to receive professional grade customer support that will integrate itself into every major social network. This will allow you to reach much more of your customers, provide quality service, and respond to all of their requests with instant solutions. supports buisnissess of all kind, from multinational companies to small startups that don’t have IT staff. Simple, fast and reliable.

Connect to your customers on Facebook and Twitter as easily as on traditional support channels like email, phone and web. organizes all of your support in one place so you can respond efficiently wherever your customers reach out.

Simple is so simple to use that any company, even one without an IT staff, can get up and running in no time. It’s so intuitive that your team can get right to work without extensive training.

Manage your customer service system effortlessly with Mobile. Give every employee in your company an “on the go” social help desk so they can support your customers any time, anywhere. iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry friendly.

Any business can afford Your first full-time Agent is always FREE, and Flex Agents can use as much as they want for only $1 per hour. Get started for free with no commitments.