As one of the leading sites for sharing videos

Dailymotion - As one of the leading sites for sharing videos

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Dailymotion Review


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    Dailymotion Review, Overview, Features and Comparison of Alternatives

Among many online video storage destinations, DailyMotion managed to build itself into popular service that is today used by millions. Watch, publish and share videos!

With active and thriving community, powerful sharing options, and a batch of widgets that promote stored video material on any kind of website or blog, DailyMotion represent one of the best location for uploading your video files. It support upload sizes of up to 1GB, and has a unique features that cannot be find anywhere else (interactive Videowall that can reproduce up to 18 videos simultaneously, personalized player VideoZap and a  powerful tool Cargador that enables you to upload DailyMotion videos from any site).

Dailymotion Review
Latest and most popular fun videos, music videos, shows and more

There are several video sharing destinations on the internet that have managed to become large communities where people regularly follow their video subscriptions, get informed about latest news, see the latest internet show, listen to music, laugh to viral videos and more. YouTube is naturally the most popular video streaming and sharing site in the world, and Vimeo managed to attract filmmakers and indie film fans. Between them two, Dailymotion managed to carve for itself an audience that counts more than 100 million of monthly visitors and catalogue of videos that grows with incredible speed each passing day.

Dailymotion was established in March 2005 in France, from living rooms of two developers - Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey. Very quickly their business grew, attracting investors and growing in size. By 2007 they expanded outside of France and Europe, launching US version of the site that gave them tremendous boost of popularity. In 2009 French government invested in Dailymotion, but the most significant investmentcame in 2011 when France Telecom's Orange purchased 49% share of the company for €62 million, with plans to purchase remaining 51% in the future.

Dailymotion Overview
Dailymotion is the second most visited video sharing site in the world, with popularity far below the giant called YouTube, but managing to slightly beat Vimeo for the silver prize. Today, Dailymotion is know all round the world as an excellent alternative to YouTube, with all the tools and features that you would need for easy uploading, viewing and sharing videos with your friends, family and the entire internet. Search feature of Dailymotion Watch, publish and share videos! is also very powerful, enabling you to effortlessly search for new content, discover new channels, subscribe to instantly receive new uploads and chat with community. One of its more unique features is deep integration of AdobeAir, which enables users to perform various tasks that are not present at its competitors, most notably ability to upload more than one video file at a time.

After more than 8 years on the market, Dailymotion offers huge variety of content that you can experience both on your PC and on the go with dedicated apps for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone devices. No matter what you looking for, from news reports, funny clips, music videos, countless viral videos, sport and movie videos, Daily motion will have them all, ready to be streamed in high quality video playback.

Dailymotion went through several visual changes over the past few years, with the latest design being definitely the best one. It focus on simple white theme and blue banner on top that houses the most important navigational tools (Search Bar, Browse button) and user account features. Interface of Dailymotion is easy to use, advertisements are present but are not very intrusive, and communication and sharing options are easily accessible.

Registration and cost
Dailymotion is free to use for everyone, with no limits how much videos you can stream or upload. New account can be made in seconds (either via valid email address or by using Facebook credentials), which is needed for posting comments, subscribing to video feeds and uploading videos. Watch, publish and share videos!

Dailymotion is one of the most popular video hosting and sharing services, with easy tools, good design and free access to all of its tools and features. If you like to watch videos online or to upload your own, Dailymotion is a great resource for that.

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