Angry Birds takes on Formula 1, Check This Out!

Angry Birds Heikki

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Angry Birds Heikki

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If you ever wanted to play a session of Angry Birds on your web browser, but you mastered all the levels of the original game, then Angry Birds Heikki is a perfect game for you! This off-shoot game introduces new ways to play Angry Birds, which has become world phenomenon since the moment it appered on the market.

Angry Birds Heikki has a theme of moto-racing! By carrying the name of the famous Formula 1 driver Heikki Kovalainen, you will be able to play trough famous Angry Bird environments who are this time filled with racing tires and other F1 paraphernalia! Even though the difference between Angry Birds Heikki and the main game is not as large, racing fans will surely appreciate this great setting and new innovative stages.

As every other online version of Angry birds game, Angry Birds Heikki is 100% free and it will enable you to remain entertained by the simple and deep gameplay of this incredible franchise, no matter where you are.